Bubble Tea Equipment Supplies UK

Bubble tea has exploded in popularity in recent years and dozens of bubble tea shops have opened in the UK. For UK bubble tea equipment supplies, look no further than Taipec.

The equipment you use in your bubble tea shop can make all the difference between a smooth operation that provides excellent customer service, and a clunky slow process that pushes customers away. Having excellent staff training is also important, but giving them the right tools for the job is key. As the number one bubble tea supplier in the UK, Taipec is your partner for UK bubble tea equipment supplies.

Bubble Tea Equipment Supplies UK

What your shop needs will depend on size, how busy you are, and your ambitions for growth. Remember, equipment is an investment and not a cost, so choose your tools wisely. Let's take a look at 5 key pieces of bubble tea equipment and why they are so important.

Taipec's Top 5

1 – Cup sealing machine

Taipec offers this cup sealing machine to help save time and increase efficiency in your bubble tea shop. If you are in a busy location, looking to grow and attract new customers, or are offering takeaway and delivery then a cup sealing machine is absolutely essential. With a capacity of 450 cups per hour (that's one every 7.5 seconds!) this is the machine to take your boba game to the next level.

In addition to this, if you want to break into the bubble tea delivery business then a cup sealing machine will be absolutely key! Boba is now a mainstay on the top delivery apps and a cup sealing machine will help you capitalise on this opportunity.

2 – Fructose dispenser

Everyone likes their boba a little different. Whether it's a fruity popping boba or a classic milk tea, everyone's taste pallet is just a little different. This is why having a programmable fructose dispenser is a game changer. With a simple interface and easy to use controls, this machine allows you to save time, reduce material waste, and make every boba absolutely perfect.

3 – Cup shaking machine

When things get busy and it feels like you don't have enough hands to get through every order, you'll be glad you have a cup shaking machine. Capable of mixing two bubble tea drinks (500ml or 700ml) at the same time to absolute perfection, this is a must-have piece of equipment for any busy or growing bubble tea shop.

4 – Tea dispenser

This is an old favourite, the insulated tea dispenser. With bubble tea fans walking through your door at every hour of the day, you need hot tea on demand at a moment's notice. This is where the tea dispenser comes in. Saving you time and money, as well as reducing wasted tea.

5 – Drink mixer and blender

With endless flavour combinations on offer and an ever increasing appetite for boba, being able to mix large quantities of bubble tea is a must for every ambitious bubble tea shop. This makes a drinks mixer and blender an essential piece of equipment for your boba shop.

Looking For A UK Bubble Tea Supplier?

Look no further than Taipec. As the largest and most experienced supplier of bubble tea ingredients and equipment in the UK we can assist you with your every need. Contact us today and explore our shop online.