How to Boost Your Sales on National Bubble Tea Day


This year, National Bubble Tea Day falls on the 30th of April. This occasion is a great opportunity to promote your store and attract new customers. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for you on how to capitalize on this annual celebration of Bubble Tea!


Why National Bubble Tea Day is important for your store


National Bubble Tea Day is a chance for us to celebrate the worldwide phenomenon that is Boba Tea. Starting in 2018, National Bubble Tea Day is gaining more traction each year, and bubble tea store owners are starting to pay more attention and celebrate the holiday in interesting and unique ways. See our previous blog post for a bit more on the history of National Bubble Tea Day


As summer approaches, demand for bubble tea is starting to increase. April marks the beginning of a crucial period of the year for bubble tea store owners. Conveniently placed in the week prior to the early May bank holiday, National Bubble Tea Day is a great opportunity to gain some new customers and kick off the summer bubble tea period in the best possible way.


So, here are some ideas that could be easily implemented to make your store stand out.


Seasonal Specials


Introducing a special drink to mark the occasion is a great point of attraction for your store. We have identified three new trending drinks that could be interesting yet easy additions to your menu.


  • Jumbo Boba Milk Tea


This is one of the biggest emerging trends in bubble tea right now. Using grass jelly, stores are making “jumbo” boba pearls to add as toppings to drinks. Using our Grass Jelly powder and basic spherical ice moulds, you can easily make your own and add this exciting new innovation to your bubble tea menu.


  • Bubble Tea Slushies


The “Boba Slush” category is brand new but has been turning heads since it was first introduced. Using fresh fruit and ice, the bubble slush has a unique and exciting frosty texture that is sure to be an instant hit. 



DIY or “at home” bubble tea kits are growing rapidly in popularity. This could be an opportunity to convert some of your customers onto these new DIY kits, or for you to try them out for the first time in your store.


Giving customers the ability to experience the joy of making and drinking bubble tea, in the comfort of their own home, is the perfect way for you and your consumers to celebrate National Bubble Tea Day!


Special Offers / Discounts


A tried and tested method to attract more customers is offering a special promotion or offer for the day. We have seen stores having lots of success with offers such as “Free Toppings for the day” or “Buy one get one free” deals.


Or, why not use the occasion as an opportunity to introduce new local customers to your store’s offerings? By introducing a bubble tea tasting or free bubble tea trial, you can encourage new people, who may have been hesitant before, to try your delicious boba treats, all whilst increasing footfall into your store.


Social Media Marketing


One of the most effective ways of catching the attention of customers is having a strong brand presence online. Tools such as Instagram and TikTok are proving invaluable for bubble tea stores around the UK to show off their unique menus and offers and attract new customers to their stores.


Check out our TikTok for inspiration!


This bubble tea holiday is now in its sixth year and is growing in popularity and recognition, so make the most of the opportunity by posting about your store and sharing your celebrations using the hashtag #NationalBubbleTeaDay!