How to Make Fruit Bubble Tea

Overview of Fruit Bubble Tea:

Fruit bubble tea is a vibrant and refreshing twist on the traditional bubble tea. They are recognised by their translucent and vibrant colours as well as their light and freshness in taste. This also means that they are made in a different way with slightly different ingredients. Join us in this comprehensive blog guide, where we'll guide you through the essential ingredients, a step-by-step crafting process and an exploration of the diverse flavour variations that make fruit teas a refreshing and vibrant addition to the realm of bubble tea.

Essential Ingredients for Fruit Bubble Tea:

Fruit teas distinguish themselves by using the Jasmine Green Tea as their base, deviating from the Assam Black tea traditionally found in classic milk tea and the water used in flavoured milk tea. Another key difference from the original milk tea and flavoured milk tea is the absence of creamer, the powder responsible for the milkiness of the drink, which is what gives the fruit teas its translucency.

1. Jasmine Green Tea: This tea is used as the base due to its subtle floral and slightly sweet taste which allows the flavour of the fruit syrup to shine, rather than overpowering it.

2. Concentrated Fruit syrup: You can choose from a variety of fruits like passionfruit, peach, green apple and more.

3. Fructose: Used to add sweetness to the drink

4. Toppings: Whilst tapioca balls are usually ordered complementary to original milk tea and most flavoured milk tea, other toppings such as popping boba, jellies, aloe vera and even bits of fresh fruit pair better with fruit teas. This may be because these toppings are also light and add an additional refreshing touch to the drink.

Step-by-Step Process to Make Fruit Bubble Tea:

1. Brew the Jasmine Green Tea.

2. Pour 200ml of the tea, 1 ladle of fructose and 4 pumps of concentrated fruit syrup of your chosen flavour and ice into the cocktail shaker and shake it for a few seconds. 

3. Place 1 scoop of topping into a cup.

4. Pour the drink in the cocktail shaker into the cup. 

5. Put in the sealing machine, put a straw in and enjoy!

Flavour Variations for Fruit Bubble Tea:

One of the most exciting aspects of fruit bubble tea is the endless array of flavour combinations you can create. Here are some suggestions to inspire your creativity:

1. Tropical: Pineapple, Mango and Passion fruit syrup.

2. Berry: Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry syrup.

3. Citrus: Orange and Lemon syrup.

4. Peachy: Peach and Rose syrup.

5.Sunrise: Orange and Pomegranate syrup.

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Fruit Bubble Tea:

1. Balance is Key: Experiment with the balance of sweetness and acidity to find the perfect combination. 

2. Addition of Jams: To add a boost of flavour and texture for example the Passionfruit Jam, Strawberry Jam and Mango Jam

3. Addition of fresh fruits: Bits of fresh fruits can be added for bursts of flavour and also makes the drink look even more aesthetically pleasing. 

4. Adjust the level of ice and sweetness to tailor the texture to your liking.

5. Get creative with toppings: Try adding toppings like aloe vera, coconut jelly, fruit jellies instead of the usual tapioca balls.

6. Serving cup: Serve your fruit bubble tea in a clear cup or glassware to showcase its vibrant colours.

Overall, fruit bubble teas are a great alternative bubble tea to drink especially on the hot summer days. The diverse range of fruits are appealing and there are so many flavours for you to try out! You can also get creative with toppings you may have not tried before and having fruit tea is the perfect start to explore the realm of bubble tea toppings.