Is Bubble Tea Safe For Pets

We all love pets. Our four-legged friends our with us through the ups and downs of life. But they do have a habit of eating anything left out! So, is bubble tea safe for pets?

As temperatures rise and we all get into the swing of summer, pet owners will be thinking even more carefully about the health of their pets. Whether your dog will eat anything you spill or a curious cat can't resist sampling anything you leave out, knowing what your pets can and can't have is important for any pet owner. Bubble tea is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, so, is bubble tea safe for pets?

Is bubble tea safe for pets?

The short answer, sadly, is no. We would love to be able to tell you to hit the road with your pets and share a boba on a summer's day; but unfortunately bubble tea is not safe for pets.

While it may look harmless and maybe you think your furry friend would enjoy a fruity, refreshing hit of popping boba on a warm summer's day, bubble tea should not be given to pets.

If one of your pets gets at your boba then there is no need to panic. The ingredients of bubble tea are not necessarily harmful for pets, but the sugar content, calories, and lactose content will not be healthy for your pet in any great quantity. Additionally, the chewy tapioca pearls may become a choking hazard if not properly chewed.

How to enjoy your boba

While you can't share your bubble tea with your pets (no matter how adorable they are when they beg for a taste!) you should enjoy bubble tea as part of a healthy, balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Boba is a great treat and an excellent way of exploring new flavours.