National Bubble Tea Day 2024

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, has captured the hearts of tea enthusiasts worldwide with its delightful combination of tea, milk, and chewy tapioca pearls. Every year, fans eagerly anticipate National Bubble Tea Day, a celebration dedicated to this beloved beverage which has become a worldwide phenomenon.

The Origin of National Bubble Tea Day

National Bubble Tea Day has its roots in the United States and was established to celebrate the growing popularity of bubble tea. The celebratory day was likely created by bubble tea enthusiasts who wanted to share their love for the drink with the world.

The Rise of Bubble Tea in the UK

Bubble tea's popularity has surged in the UK in recent years, with dedicated bubble tea shops popping up in cities across the country. We remain the leading bubble tea supplier in the UK, certified to BRCGS and upholding the most stringent global standards. Not even our competitors can claim this!

When is National Bubble Tea Day 2024?

Every year, National Bubble Tea Day is 30th April. This annual tradition provides bubble tea aficionados with the perfect opportunity to indulge in their favourite drinks and celebrate the unique flavours and textures that bubble tea offers. Whether you're a seasoned boba enthusiast or new to the bubble tea craze, this day is a chance to join in the festivities and explore the diverse world of bubble tea.

Ideas for National Bubble Tea Day 2024

Here are some ideas celebrate National Bubble Tea Day and show your appreciation for this beloved beverage:

  1. Visiting local bubble tea shops: Support your local community by visiting local establishments and trying out their latest offerings. You might discover a new favourite flavour or topping!
  2. Trying new flavours and toppings: Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with different bubble tea flavours and toppings. From classic milk tea to fruity blends, there's a flavour combination for every palate.
  3. DIY Bubble Tea at Home: Bring the bubble tea experience into your own kitchen with DIY bubble tea kits. These kits contain everything you need to create your customised bubble tea creations, from tapioca pearls to flavoured syrups.
  4. Supporting Local Bubble Tea Shops.

In addition to visiting local boba shops, there are other ways to support these businesses on National Bubble Tea Day:

  • Leave positive reviews: Share your positive experiences with local boba shops on review websites and social media platforms to help attract new customers.
  • Ordering bubble tea for friends: Treat your friends to a delicious bubble tea delivery and spread the joy of National Bubble Tea Day.

Bubble Tea-Themed Activities

To fully immerse yourself in the bubble tea experience, consider hosting bubble tea-themed activities with friends and family. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Watching related YouTube videos: Explore the world of bubble tea through educational and entertaining YouTube videos that showcase different bubble tea recipes, techniques, and trends.
  2. Hosting a bubble tea party: Gather your loved ones for a bubble tea party featuring a variety of homemade bubble tea creations, snacks, and games.

Gift Ideas for Boba Lovers

Share the love of bubble tea with friends and family by gifting them with bubble tea-themed presents. Here are some thoughtful gifting ideas:

  1. Sending bubble tea to friends: Surprise your loved ones with a delivery of their favourite bubble tea flavours, complete with tapioca pearls and toppings. You can use various online delivery platforms
  2. Bubble tea gift packs: Create customised bubble tea gift packs featuring a selection of bubble tea ingredients, accessories, and merchandise.

Other Tea-Related Holidays

In addition to National Bubble Tea Day, there are several other tea-related holidays worth celebrating throughout the year. Here are a few to mark on your calendar:

  1. International Tea Day (21st May): A global celebration of tea and its cultural significance, promoting the sustainable production and consumption of tea.
  2. Afternoon Tea Week (August): A week-long celebration of the British tradition of afternoon tea, featuring special events, promotions, and tastings.