Our range of Jams available to buy in bulk for United Kingdom delivery includes Citron, Passion Fruit, Mango, and  Strawberry. Though all of these are fantastic cupboard staples and make wonderful cooking and baking ingredients, they can also be used beyond this purpose to make delicious drinks.

Our jams dissolve with ease in both hot and cold drinks, enabling them to be distributed quickly and effectively with a cocktail shaker. As such, they make the perfect addition to both cocktails and fruity bubble tea drinks. When using Jams to enhance the flavour of a fruity bubble tea drink, we recommend adding 30ml-45ml of jam to a cocktail shaker with 200ml of green tea liquid and 15ml of fructose before topping with ice and shaking. The fruit juice, pulp, and seed content of the Jams imparts a delicious sweet and sour flavour to the drink, as well as a smooth texture and a pleasing aesthetic.

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What is Jam?

The word Jam refers to fruit which has been cooked with sugar until it reached a spreadable or set textural state. Making Jam from fresh fruit is advantageous in that it preserves the authentic and genuine taste of the fruit in that moment, and thus ensures that you can enjoy it for a longer period of time. Moreover, as opposed to a syrup or a juice concentrate, which is smooth,  a Jam provides an interesting texture as a vehicle for real fruit pulp and seeds. Since the make-up of jam is just high-quality fruit and sugar, our Jams are also vegan friendly.

How is Jam made?

Jam typically consists of fresh fruit that is crushed or chopped and heated with sugar until the fruit softens and loses its firmness. As the fruit and sugar are stirred and heated, water evaporates and the mixture thickens until it reaches a spreadable, jelly-like consistency. Our Jams are processed by a professional Taiwanese Jam factory, using only freshly picked Taiwanese fruits that are selected based on their high quality and great taste. Since they contain a high percentage of fruit juice, pulp, and seeds, our jams offer a delicious sweet and slightly sour taste with their rich texture.

How to use our Jams:

Our Jams are delicious on toast, pancakes, and waffles as a topping, as well as a fantastic baking ingredient. Their versatility as a kitchen-cupboard staple is clear, but they are not limited to this function. Our jams are also a fantastic addition to fruity teas with a green tea liquid base, and can be substituted for, or used in conjunction with, syrup in the recipes. Our passion fruit jam, for example, contains real passion fruit seeds and pulp, which not only offer a delicious texture upgrade, but also contribute a pleasing aesthetic when they are suspended in the tea. In order to make a 500ml drink, it is advisable to use anywhere from 30-45ml of Jam to 200ml of tea liquid, depending on the desired level of flavour. Our jams dissolve easily in both hot and cold drinks, meaning they are quickly and effectively distributed by a cocktail shaker. As such, they are perfect for adding a burst of flavour to alcoholic beverages and bubble tea drinks alike.

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