Asian Cereal

When you hear the word cereal, your mind may lead straight to the traditional cereal and milk you have for breakfast. Whether you put in cereal or milk first, when you are talking about Asian cereal it is insignificant as there is no pouring of milk involved. Now you may be wondering what exactly is it? 

Asian cereal contains oats, glutinous rice, wheat and other additions which may be grains, seeds and flavouring and has a thicker texture than your regular soup and noodle soups. They are a very nutritious breakfast choice as they contain many vitamins, are high in fibre and calcium. Our ready-to-eat packets make it a quick and easy meal for when you are on-the-go, simply pour the required amount of hot water into it, stir and that’s it!

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Overview of our selection of Asian cereal

Our assortment of Asian cereals boasts a wide array of unique flavours and textures.

The original flavour of Asian cereal is typically mildly sweet with a nutty or grainy taste. The texture is often made from rice or grains and cooked into a porridge-like consistency. Popular flavours of Asian cereals are yam which has sweet and earthy flavours, black sesame with a rich and toasty taste and mixed grain which offers a balanced option with additional ingredients. Over the years, there have been more innovative flavours as well as the emergence of ready-to-eat packets to provide convenience.

Description of different cereal brands and flavours

From Greenmax, we have the flavours: Yam & Mixed, Yam & Black Sesame, Yam & Multigrain, Black Sesame, Oat & Pearl Barley, Purple Rice & Black Sesame. All these flavours can be brewed either hot or cold and are made from natural ingredients with no artificial flavours, preservatives or chemical starch. The Yam & Multigrain Cereal has an addition of 17 types of vegetables and fruits to the liquid for those who want an extra dose of greens.

We offer the Black Sesame cereal from KK which is Lacto-vegetarian and Halal certified. This cereal is free from preservatives, trans fatty acids and cholesterol. What makes this cereal special is the addition of cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds in which you can enjoy the nutty delight.

Lastly, we have the Black Sesame & Black Rice Mixed cereal from Sunway. This product is also vegan and has no preservatives. It contains six black ingredients including black sesame, black beans, black dates and more. This gives it its high nutritional value with high levels of calcium, iron and fibre.

Unique cereal textures

These cereals have a thick and smooth texture, like congee rather than soup. This makes it more filling and is likely to be sufficient for a breakfast meal. Although the texture is smooth, the tiny grains from different ingredients give them a bit of a roughness.

It is typically eaten hot and savouring it while it is hot offers a comforting consistency, making it an ideal choice for chilly days or when you are feeling ill.

Highlight of traditional Asian ingredients used in cereal

The prominent Asian ingredients in Asian cereal are Adlay, Brown rice/Glutinous rice and Buckwheat. Together, with additional ingredients like black sesame, mungbean and walnuts, they combine and give off a fragrant and aromatic smell.

Adlay, also known as Job's tears due to its shape, is a grain-bearing plant native to Southeast Asia and is commonly used in Asian cuisine. Its seeds are small and round, with a chewy and slightly firm texture when cooked. In Asian cereal, they add a pleasing chewiness that complements the creaminess of other grains like rice and oats and has a mild, slightly nutty and earthy taste. Adlay has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine and has a good source of dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals, contributing to both flavour and nourishment.

Brown rice or glutinous rice is another main player in Asian rice, giving it a thick and satisfying texture to the mix. This also contributes to how filling it is, making it perfect for breakfast or a soothing meal.

Buckwheat is a gluten-free pseudo-cereal which has a nutty and earthy flavour, its versatility allows it to blend seamlessly with the other ingredients and it gives a satisfying chewiness to Asian cereal. Like many other Asian ingredients, it has an exceptional nutritional profile, including dietary fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals, enhances the cereal's overall nourishing value. Buckwheat's versatility allows it to blend seamlessly with other grains and flavourings.

A popular ingredient in many Asian cereals is black sesame as it provides a rich and nutty aroma. Compared to other sesame seeds, it has a more intense flavour as well as aroma which makes it a popular addition to the Asian cereal’s natural mild flavour.

Overall, our Asian cereals can be eaten on its own due to its flavourings and addition of many nutrients. However, because of its mild taste, you can add different things to give you a more fulfilling breakfast or snack. Common garnishes include savoury pickles, preserved vegetables, scallions or fried dough sticks to dip it in.

Asian Cereal