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At Taipec we are passionate about bringing the tastiest treats to the UK’s shores. From Taiwanese snacks to popping boba, we have it all. And if there’s one thing that the nation’s favourite, bubble tea, isn’t complete without, it’s flavour concentrates.

Flavour concentrates give bubble tea the fruity kick that sets it apart from other teas. At Taipec we stock a wide range of fruit concentrate flavours and these can be mixed and matched to create the perfect blend of flavours. Pomegranate? Passionfruit? Orange? We have it all and more!

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Why does bubble tea need juice concentrate?

Bubble tea is a favourite in the UK because it offers something for every palate. From the classic milky tea to the more exotic popping boba fruity teas, it’s flavour that is at the core of any great bubble tea. And this is where juice concentrate comes in. Packing a flavourful punch; a small amount of juice concentrate can add a fruity twist to an old classic, or create a unique taste with a mix of exotic fruits. Simply put, bubble tea needs juice concentrate because it’s the most efficient way of packing boba with fruity goodness.

But why not use fresh squeezed fruit juice? The simple answer is water. Fresh fruits contain large volumes of water and when added to a bubble tea the flavour does not shine through. Fruit concentrates pack a more flavourful punch, allowing bubble tea fans to mix, match, and create a wide range of flavours. The fruity strength of fruit concentrates allows multiple flavours to be mixed without one totally displacing the others.

But, what is fruit juice concentrate?

Simply put, fruit juice concentrate (or juice concentrate, flavour concentrates) is dehydrated fruit juice. Juice concentrates are produced by evaporating the natural water out of fruit, leaving a juice that is 5-10 times more concentrated than simply squeezing and crushing fruits together.

This means that you can pack more flavour, tang, and fruity surprise into every drop of boba without having to transport and store large volumes of water. This allows for efficient and cost effective flavour combinations for a wide range of boba flavours.

What is the fruit concentrate extraction process?

The production process turning fruit into bulk flavour concentrates involves removing the water from freshly squeezed fruits to produce a stronger, more flavourful fruit juice concentrate. We are literally concentrating the fruit!

There are three main processes for fruit juice concentration:

– Vacuum concentration

– Freeze concentration

-Membrane concentration

Vacuum concentration

Vacuum concentration is the process of heating the fruit juice under low temperatures (usually around 35℃) at low temperature (which lowers the boiling point of water) to evaporate off the water content of the fruit, leaving behind the bulk fruit juice concentrate.

This method is the most common method of juice concentrate production as it has a short process time and ensures a consistent quality of product. This process is repeated multiple times, with water being evaporated off at each stage, which raises the concentration significantly, giving fruit concentrate its signature strength.

Freeze concentration

Freeze concentration is used particularly when the fruit in question is temperature sensitive and vacuum concentration would be liable to cause the volatile aromatic compounds of the mixture to evaporate with the water. Under heating, this would lead to a loss of flavour, the opposite of concentration! Instead, the mixture is frozen to separate the water from the fruit.

Freeze concentration is a more expensive and technically challenging process and so it is used only when the fruit mixture is thermally sensitive.

Membrane concentration

The third common process for the production of bulk fruit concentrate is membrane concentration. This involves using osmotic pressure to move water through a selectively permeable membrane to increase the fruit juice concentration in the solution.

This method is unable to achieve the high degrees of concentration that vacuum or freeze concentration offer, so it is most often used as a pre-concentration technique, prior to either vacuum or freeze concentration.

What is aroma recovery?

What is aroma recovery? And why is it so important to fruit juice concentrate? The flavour of a fruit is made up of many different things, including various aromatic substances. Some of these substances evaporate during the concentration process, meaning that while we increase the concentration of the juice we actually lose some of the flavours in the process. Aroma recovery is the process of capturing these aromatic substances and adding them back to the fruit juice concentrate – ensuring that every drop of flavour is retained.

The benefits of Juice Concentrates

Whatever the method of concentration used, the end result is a highly concentrated mixture ready to provide a fruit infusion to your drink.

The key benefits of using fruit concentrate are:

-Enhancing the fruit flavour concentration makes it quicker and easier to pack, move and store in bulk. This makes fruit juice concentrate a more affordable option.

-Packing more fruity flavouring into a single bottle allows smaller quantities to be used which avoids diluting the tea and overpowering other flavours.

-Reducing the water content allows for a longer shelf life and easier preservation. Fruit juice concentrate doesn’t go off as quickly as fresh fruit, allowing you to use it as and when you need it.

Fruit concentrate is nearly ubiquitous in modern food and beverages. And it isn’t just for efficiency! Fruit concentrates are often fortified with Vitamin C, the vitamin key to tissue repair and immune function, and contains the nutrients of the fruit it is made from. Additionally, fruit juices from concentrate can help with dieting and weight loss by replacing fizzy drinks or other highly caloric beverages with an alternative derived from fruit.

Fruit juice concentrate: the what, the why, and the how. The only question that remains, what flavours will you go for?

Want to see what Taipec can do for you?

At Taipec fruit juices are just the tip of the iceberg. As the largest bubble tea supplier in the UK we have an unrivalled supply network, bringing you the best of Taiwan. We are passionate about great bubble tea! If you are interested in finding out what Taipec can do for you, contact us today.

Flavour Concentrates