Assam black Tea – Grade A 600g


Carefully selected high-quality tea leaves processed by Taiwanese tea factory with professional techniques, which bring the beautiful amber colour, full-bodied flavour and the robust and malty signature of Assam Tea.

– Grade-A selection
– Ideal for making milk tea
– Served hot or cold
– Vegan friendly
– Product of Taiwan
– Number of Serving: 90 drinks (using 200ml tea per 500ml drink)
– Suggested Ratio: 1g tea leaf to 30ml water

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To brew the tea:
1. Suggested Ratio: 1g tea leaf to 30ml water
2. Use 95 ~ 100℃ boiled water to brew the tea for 15-20 minutes
3. Make sure to strain the tea leaf without pressing it
4. Store in thermal Insulated container and use within 4 ~ 6 hours