TO-Brown Sugar Syrup (Smearing) 5kg




Fine selected high-quality flavouring syrup processed by a professional Taiwanese syrup factory, which brings the wonderful sweetness to flavour your tea drinks and cocktails to stand out in the market.

– Premium sweetener for drinks and pearls
– With great dissolvability in both hot and cold drink
– Vegan friendly
– Product of Taiwan
– Suggested Ratio (for making brown sugar flavoured milk tea):
10ml syrup per 500ml drink
20ml syrup per 700ml drink

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| Recommended brewing formula |
To make 500ml of Brown Sugar Milk Tea:
1. Pouring brown sugar syrup into the cup after adding tapioca.
2. The brown sugar syrup surrounds the cup with a long mixing spoon.
3. Pouring fresh milk into the cup after adding the ice.
4. Don’t need to mix or shake it.