Bubble Tea Bobas, White Tapioca Balls (7.5mm) 3kg


Enjoy the wonderful gastronomic experience of chewy pearls rolling and bouncing on your tongue! The delicious pearls are made from premium tapioca powder in Taiwan, the origin of the world-beloved pearl milk tea.

– Diameter: 7.5mm
– Vegan friendly
– Gluten-free
– Product of Taiwan
– Number of Serving: 120 drinks (using 50g cooked pearls per 500ml drink)

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How to cook the tapioca balls:

1. Recommended cooking ratio: 1g of tapioca ball to 8ml of water (minimum)
2. Cook the tapioca balls in boiled water with high heat. Stir the balls gently.
3. When the balls are floating, cook them with medium heat for 20 minutes. Stir the balls occasionally to prevent sticking to the pot and to each other.
4. Turn off the heat, cover the lid, and leave the balls in the pot for 25 minutes.
5. Put the pearls in a sieve, rinse them with cold water until the cores of the balls are cooled down.
6. Filter the balls, put them in a bowl, and fully soak them with hazelnut or brown sugar syrup.
7. Leave the whole bowl of tapioca balls for 30 minutes, and wait to experience the greatest taste and chewiest texture.

*The cooked tapioca balls are suggested to be consumed within 4-6 hours.