Cream Foam Powder – Tiramisu Flavour


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Utilizing the formula developed by a professional beverage manufacturing team in Taiwan, creamy foam is a fantastic addition to teas. It creates a creamy foam topping with a delicate dark brown colour that imparts a sweet tiramisu flavour to the tea.

– This product needs extra whipped cream and milk to make a creamy foam top to the teas.
– Product of Taiwan
– Number of Serving: 250 drinks (using 4g powder per 500ml drink)
– Find the creamy foam top recipe in the usage instructions.

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| Recommended brewing formula |
To make 5 cups of 500ml Creamy foam tea:
1. Use 20g of Powder to 300ml whipped cream.
2. Use a hand mixer to whisk them on high speed for 2 mins.
3. Whisk for 30 more seconds at a lower speed after adding 200ml milk. 500ml of creamy foam top is then ready to serve.
4. Blend 200ml tea with 15ml of fructose syrup/ cane sugar syrup in 500ml cup, fill up the ice to around 400ml
5. Pour 100ml creamy foam on top of it and serve

* Make at least 500ml volume of creamy foam top at once. It would be easier to whisk.
* Store the creamy foam top in the fridge and use within a day.