The Benefits of a Cup-Sealing Machine for your Bubble Tea Shop

Cup sealing machines use a heated element to seal cups with film. Sealing cups with film creates an interactive experience for customers, as they are able to pierce it with their straws – an activity which has become synonymous with enjoying bubble tea all over the world. These films can also be customised, enabling you to attach your branding to each and every product you produce and seal with the machine. Beyond aesthetics and interactivity, cup sealing machines are a practical investment for any business which is keen to offer a takeaway or delivery service. With any drink that is being enjoyed off premises, or being delivered to the customer, it is imperative that the packaging is water-tight to avoid spillage en route. The cup-sealing machine enables bubble tea shops to send out deliveries themselves, or through apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo, and rest assured that the product will arrive un-spilled and intact.

Speed & Efficiency

With the ability to seal a cup in under 10 seconds, the sealing machine is rapid and efficient. For a bubble tea business selling a large number of cups a day, the pace at which the sealing machine can seal each cup is extremely useful. Our sealing machine is capable of sealing up to 450 cups per hour! They are effortless to use and will save your employees valuable time and effort.

Drink Quality & Durability

Sealing your bubble tea helps maintain its temperature and freshness. The seal locks in the delicious flavours of the bubble tea, ready for the customer to enjoy.

It also adds a durability that can not be found with a regular lid. Sealing prevents spillage, making the drink water-tight and allowing the cups to be shaken and turned upside down without risking any leakage. For all shops looking to engage in the takeaway market, a cup-sealing machine is a sensible investment.

The Versatility of Taipec’s Cup Sealing Machine:

Our sealing machine is very cost-efficient. A one-time purchase that serves as a valuable investment into your business for the future. A sealing machine gives any bubble tea business a more high-quality and professional feel. For the array of benefits that it brings, the cup-sealer is a relatively inexpensive investment.

Our sealing machine is compatible with all of our cup offerings, such as our rounded Q-Cups, disposable PP cups, and even our paper cups. The machine can seal 95mm cups, and comes with a 90mm ring adjustment, allowing you to seal cups with a smaller diameter. Additionally, it can accommodate various cup sizes to cater to the preferences of your customers. Cups from 500ml to 750ml will work perfectly in our machine.

Our sealing machine comes with a one-year warranty.

Be sure to check out our YouTube tutorial, walking you through the steps to set-up and use your cup-sealing machine!

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