Bubble Tea Shop – 8 More Things To Get Right

Here we outline 8 more things you must get right in you bubble tea shop.

In a previous post we talked about the 8 most important things to get right in your bubble tea shop. From location and consistency to management and marketing there are a number of considerations to make. Milk tea, boba, pearl tea, or bubble tea, read on for 8 more things you must think about in your shop.

1 – Make your bubble tea shop a place to meet

As an inclusive and enjoyable drink for all, boba shops are a great place to meet friends. If you have the space inside or outside, make your shop the go-to place to meet and work. Not sure how to do this? Explore your local eating and drinking scene, what do the busy places have in common? Also be sure to talk to your potential customers, what do they want?

2 – Keep a wide selection

As a dedicated milk tea shop your customers will be looking to enjoy their old favourites and discover new and interesting flavours. having a wide selection (and knowing what to recommend) will be key to your success.

3 – Update your menu regularly (and seasonally)

Keeping options continually updated and offering seasonal variations to your menu will keep your customers coming back for more over and over again. You will also be able to experiment with new and exciting combinations and hone your craft. Starbucks is possibly the best example of seasonal drink offerings and the inherent variability of boba means the limit is only your own creativity.

4 – Maintain great customer service

Your shop will likely live or die by your customer service. Making sure that your customers have a great experience is an absolute imperative to go from strength to strength. Keeping your staff happy, motivated, and passionate will keep your customers coming back over and over again!

5 – Keep your bubble tea staff trained

On the topic of great customer service, making sure your staff are trained is key. This doesn't just go for when you are setting up your shop. Keeping standards high and ensuring your staff remain highly-trained will be important to making sure you keep your quality on the top of its game.

6 – Strong bubble tea shop branding

The Instagram-worthy nature of eye-catching bubble teas is one of the reasons for its almost viral success. Capitalise on this appealing aspect of your product and make sure your shop branding is equally eye-catching, bright, and memorable.

7 – Use social media

And on the topic of branding, use your strong brand to build a social media presence. Bubble tea is wildly popular on Instagram and across social media and building a presence for you and your shop on social media is a great way to stand out from the crowd and advertise in your local area.

8 – Have a great supplier

But most importantly, make sure you have a great supplier. From quality and consistency to training and equipment your supplier will be a great partner in your endeavour when running your bubble tea shop.

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