Delving into CUBO


CUBO (College and University Business Officers) plays a pivotal role in enhancing the university experience for students across the UK and Ireland. This organisation’s mission is to elevate the quality of campus life, services and the student experience including the areas of catering, student accommodation, retail, cleaning, sports, events and much more. In this blog post, we delve into CUBO, its history and the significant role it plays in shaping the student’s academic experience.

CUBO was established several decades ago and has consistently worked towards improving the standards of university services. They are currently supporting over a thousand professionals and over a hundred professionals. Their mission is to promote the exchange of ideas, encourage best practices to use among universities and help them deliver an outstanding experience to their students. By fostering collaboration among its members, CUBO has become a catalyst for innovation, making higher education more enriching and enjoyable. 

CUBO aims to provide excellent services to cater to the diverse needs of students, ensuring universities are providing a positive and safe environment for students to thrive in. They also focus on providing value for money to all stakeholders such as staff, students and visitors. 

To achieve these aims, CUBO connects their members via events, works with different organisations and more


The Essence of the Partnership

Taipec’s silver partnership with CUBO is rooted in a shared vision of offering a diverse and high-quality range of drinks to university students. Our commitment to quality and sustainability as well as our passion for sharing our beloved beverage to university students perfectly align with CUBO's objectives. 


The inception of the collaboration and mutual goals

The partnership between CUBO and Taipec was initiated with the aim of transforming campus life through the introduction of bubble tea. This collaboration has set a series of exciting initiatives that aim to elevate the quality and diversity of beverages available to students and staff at universities across the UK. 


Introducing Bubble Tea into the CUBO Network

In recent years, bubble tea has seen a remarkable rise in popularity, especially among students. This is due to its appealing combination of flavours and the fun experience of sipping through a straw with chewy tapioca pearls. Whether it's a caffeine boost before a lecture or a refreshing treat between classes, bubble tea has become a must-have for university campuses. 

Taipec recognises the unique demands of the university setting. We offer a range of bubble tea flavours, catering to the tastes of students both local and international. Our range also allows universities to be creative in offering seasonal or festive drinks to get students in the holiday spirit. 


How Students Benefit

The introduction to bubble tea diversifies students’ drink choices, allowing them to enjoy innovative and unique drinks. A new discovery for some and a reminder of home for others. Furthermore, our commitment to quality ensures that students can savour their drinks in confidence that they are of high quality.

Our commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing awareness of environmental issues among students and universities. This focus on quality and sustainability ensures that students not only enjoy delicious drinks but also support a responsible and eco-friendly choice. 


CUBO and Taipec's Vision for Higher Education Refreshments

The partnership between CUBO and Taipec is not limited to introducing bubble tea but also Taiwanese groceries, offering a diverse range of both food and drinks to students. Both organisations are committed to ongoing collaboration to further enhance the university beverage experience. CUBO is also a strategic partner with TUCO (The University Caterers Organisation) which Taipec is also a member of.

In conclusion, joining forces with CUBO has been a great collaboration in enriching the university experience with bubble tea but also sets the stage for ongoing innovation and sustainability in higher education refreshments.