Bubble Tea Shop Marketing – 5 More Top Tips

Making sure you market your boba shop marketing is executed well is key to your success. Here are five more tips for bubble tea shop marketing.

In a previous post, we outlined 5 top tips for bubble tea shop marketing. These tips included:

  • Using bright colours and a snappy name to grab attention.
  • Having a distinctive style and social media presence.
  • Forming partnerships to grow your brand.

These tips will help you get off the ground and start growing your business. But how do you make sure you continue to grow? How do you ensure the long-term sustainability of your business and go from strength to strength? Read on for 5 more tips on bubble tea shop marketing.

5 Top Tips For Bubble Tea Shop Marketing

1 – Seasonal Menus

Bubble tea is an ever-evolving and growing industry. Every day new flavours, styles, and ideas are being introduced to the market. Your bubble tea customers are used to new options being available, and to build a loyal customer base, this is what you should give them.

Seasonal menus are a great way to make sure your customers keep coming back while introducing new customers to the world of boba tea. Some festive holidays to theme your boba to are:

  • Christmas.
  • Easter.
  • New Year.
  • Valentine's Day.
  • Royal Jubilees.

Keeping your menu and product offering relevant is a great way to keep your bubble tea shop marketing fresh and current!

2 – Build an Online Community

We covered the importance of social media in our previous blog post. And given the instagrammable nature of bubble tea, it is important that you remain consistent in your social media presence. What is just as important is ensuring that your online efforts are building something positive. Posting on social media is good. But building a community of fans is even better! These loyal fans will be your best organic marketing in the long term and will be key to your business growing and development.

3 – Get your Online Community Offline

This may sound like an odd one, especially given the importance of social media and your online presence. But bear with us! At the end of the day, your boba, bubble tea, milk tea, pearl tea (or whatever your preferred name is!) shop is a physical place in the real world. It is a place to meet, socialise, and, most importantly, enjoy a tasty treat. Make sure you draw your online fans offline and into your shop. You can do this by:

  • Offering online-only discounts.
  • Having your own rewards scheme.
  • Hosting community days or events.
  • And anything else you can think of…

4 – Email Newsletters

Keeping your fans up to date with what is happening at your shop is key to your growth and customer retention. Social media is great for announcements and staying in contact with your most loyal fans, but email newsletter can also be used to great effect for:

  • Announcing events.
  • Introducing competitions.
  • Offering rewards and discounts.

5 – Customise Your Cups

Outside any boba shop, you are likely to see crowds of people trying to get the best angle to snap their boba. Boba tea on Instagram is huge, and having branded cups will instantly boost your reach online. Encourage your customers to post their boba with your logo on the cup by having your own hashtag across social media. Repost your favourite pictures to stay engaged with your fans and share your creations with the world!