Independent Bubble Tea Shop – 5 Reasons To Consider It

If you are seriously looking at opening your own bubble tea shop then the first decision you must make is between opening a franchise or an independent store.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both sides which will depend on your personal and business circumstances. In this post we are going to explore the benefits of going it alone and opening an independent bubble tea shop. While this may seem like a bold step, and maybe unnecessary given the surplus of franchise providers, there are some clear benefits to forging your own path.

If you love beautiful bubble tea and want to take advantage of the growth in the bubble tea market here are 5 reasons to consider going independent.

Independent Bubble Tea Shop – 5 Reasons To Consider It

1 – Your own brand

Without the backing of a franchise you will be free to come up with your own brand. This means that you are in control of every aspect of your brand and can tailor it to your passion. If you want to embrace a certain style, trend, or aspect of boba tea then this is the route for you.

2 – Complete freedom

It's not just your brand that you have control over. You have complete freedom over every aspect of your business. From the flavours you offer and the interior decoration you choose to the training of your staff and your plans for growth. Having complete freedom can be scary for some, but if you are passionate about your plans then an independent bubble tea shop may be for you.

3 – Your own supplier deals

Your suppliers are your best friends in the bubble tea business. They are your partners in everything from supplies to staff training. Your suppliers will be key to your success and the ability to strike your own deals and choose your own suppliers will be important to realise your vision.

4 – Add your own twist

Going independent means you can add your own twist. Want to serve warm snacks? Go for it. Want to try new flavours and bold menu choices? Go wild. Because you are independent you are free to add your own twists to your boba shop to explore your passions.

5 – Grow at your own pace

A benefit of going it alone that often isn't talked about is the freedom to grow at your own pace. As an independent you are free to grow and develop your business in a way that suits you.