Is Bubble Tea Safe For Kids?

Bubble tea is 2022's hottest drink, especially amongst the young. This may have you wondering, is bubble tea safe for kids?

For the uninitiated, bubble tea (or boba tea) is a Taiwanese tea-based drink that combines milky tea and chewy tapioca pearls for a unique taste experience, Bubble tea has also evolved to include popping boba and fruity teas that open up a whole new world of flavour. Bubble tea is wildly popular with the younger generation and has a massive fanbase on social media. This may be enough to get you wondering, is bubble tea safe for kids?

Is bubble tea safe for kids?

Like anything, bubble tea should be enjoyed in moderation. It is a tasty treat that should be enjoyed for its unique flavour combinations and taste experience. Too much of a good thing and all that!

That being said, when it comes to kids, you should be careful with bubble tea intake and make sure you are consuming boba responsibly.

Boba for teenagers

The Instagram-friendly nature of bubble tea paired with its wide range of fruity flavours has made it a clear favourite among the younger generation. Older kids and adolescents are able to make their own decisions about healthy eating and should be encouraged to do so as part of growing up. A cup of boba tea as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle will do no long-term harm.

You may have come across internet horror stories about bubble tea. But, enjoying boba in moderation and as a tasty treat is absolutely fine for older kids!

Younger kids

When it comes to younger children it is up to the parents to decide what is and isn't ok. You should bear in mind that bubble tea servings are quite large (500ml or 700ml). Additionally, bubble teas can be high in sugars and caffeine which may not be good for kids in large quantities. When it comes to younger children it is best to moderate their intake of any sweet treats and this includes bubble tea.

Choking hazard

While less of a problem with popping boba, the choking hazard posed by tapioca pearls should not be ignored. These small pearls should be chewed before swallowing and if you are sharing a bubble tea with someone new to the drink or a young child you should be sure to remind them to chew before they swallow!