Popping Boba Summer Twist – Remix Your Classic Summer Drinks

Summer is right around the corner and we are here to share the best drinks to reimagine for a popping boba summer twist.

July marks the start of summer in the UK. The days are longer, the kids are out of school. The BBQ is fired up and the good times feel like they will never end. And of course there are some drinks that are synonymous with summertime. Whether guzzled by thirsty kids or sipped by adults enjoying the sun, a glass of these is sure to be a crowd pleaser. But what if you reimagined a summer classic with a popping boba summer twist?

Popping Boba Summer Twist

Popping boba are the tasty balls of flavour that have revolutionised bubble tea. Opening up a whole new world of flavour and infinite possibilities these brightly coloured balls have been confined to bubble tea. Until now!

We have seen some creative people adding popping boba to all kinds of drinks. And we thought we'd showcase three here.


Nothing quite refreshes the soul on a warm day like fresh lemonade. Sometimes accompanied by a lemon and occasionally freshly squeezed, this is sure to hit the spot.

But, refreshing as it is, a glass of lemonade is gone in seconds. Add a lemon or blueberry popping boba to an ice cold glass of lemonade for a refreshing hit of flavour with a summery twist. The popping boba will add an extra dimension to the flavour and make it last a little longer!


Is there anything that says summer like Pimms? From Wimbledon to the Queen's Jubilee, Pimms is a quintessential part of summer in the UK.

Mixing Pimms, mint, cucumber, and an assortment of summer fruits in a punch bowl and sharing endless glasses with friends and family is as traditional as fish and chips.

With this concoction of fruity flavours why not add popping boba into the mix? An extra shot of flavour and some added texture, in a way that only popping boba can provide, makes this a great reimagining of a summer classic.

Orange Juice

Freshly squeezed in front of your eyes, orange juice always hits the spot. Healthy, nutritious, and bound to keep the kids going all day, orange juice is consumed in vast quantities in the summer good weather. Why not add an orange or mango popping boba to this old favourite for a fruity twist!