Reducing Bubble Tea Shop Energy Bills

It is no secret that energy bills are skyrocketing and there is no end to this in sight. And hospitality businesses such as bubble tea shops are going to be hit just as hard. While we are passionate about our love of bubble tea, we are also passionate about helping our customers. Taipec is the largest bubble tea supplier in the UK and we have thousands of customers up and down the country. So, today we are going to explore 5 ways of reducing bubble tea shop energy bills.

Reducing Bubble Tea Shop Energy Bills

In the current climate reducing energy bills will be on the mind of every boba shop owner. Read on for 5 top tips to potentially save you a fortune.

Top 5 energy reduction tips


1 – Understand your usage

Step number 1 is to understand your usage. You can't manage what you don't measure. So, the first step is to get your energy statements for the last year. Remember, you will likely use more energy in the winter and so last winter's energy bills will be key to your understanding – don't rely on your statements from the last few months.

2 – Clean your equipment

Making sure your equipment is regularly serviced and cleaned will make sure that you don't waste energy with inefficient or dirty equipment. It may seem like just one more cost, but in the long run efficient equipment will save you far more money than it costs.

3 – Turn off appliances

When energy bills skyrocket you need to make sure that the appliances consuming energy are only doing so when they are making you money. During business hours your appliances should rightly be working overtime, but as soon as the shutters come down they should be off. Leaving appliances on overnight may save you some time in the morning, but it will cost you in the long run.

4 – Energy efficient lighting

Switching from inefficient halogen lighting to LEDs could save up to 80% on your lighting bills. LEDs are specifically designed to be energy efficient and retrofitting your bubble tea shop with LEDs presents you with the opportunity to upgrade your boba shop look – all while saving you money.

5 – Train your team

Training your team may be the best investment you can make. Training your team and communicating the importance of energy saving measures won't cost you a penny. And, it could save you huge amounts of money. Your staff are on the ground and are the ones who will be making the energy saving measures. From switching the lights off to cleaning the machines, your staff are your greatest asset.