Alternative Bubble Tea Ideas

Alternative Bubble Tea ideas

Every day new Boba tea creations are dreamt up in bubble tea shops across the UK and the world. In this post we look at three quirky new takes on a traditional favourite.

Walking into any bubble tea shop you are instantly greeted with a seemingly never ending array of options. Milk teas. Popping Boba. Colourful combinations and softer traditional tones. The simplicity of boba is key to its success. Because of this simplicity anyone can combine tea, pearls, and flavouring to bring to life their milk tea ideas! Today, we are looking at three radical alternative bubble tea and milk tea ideas.

3 New Bubble Tea Ideas

1 – Almond Boba

Almond tea is a sweet and nutty alternative to more traditional herbal teas and provides a healthy sweet treat to fans all over the world. Mixing this sweet tea with the toppings and flavours of bubble tea creates a unique and flavourful new take on bubble tea. Traditional bubble tea usually uses green tea, black tea, or oolong tea but almond tea is a growingly popular alternative.

2 – Coffee Boba

Bubble tea is usually… well… tea! In the mind of many boba fans around the world the word “tea” is synonymous with chewy tapioca pearls and bright colours of Instagram fame. But there is a new trend of coffee boba in which tea is replaced with coffee for a stronger, more full-bodied taste. Coffee boba is growing in popularity with homemade boba fans owing to its ease. Homemade boba is an exploding phenomenon and home to many alternative milk tea ideas.

There are a number of ways of introducing coffee to your boba:

3 – Alcoholic Bubble Tea

The wide appeal of bubble tea is part of its international success. because of this there is nothing that hasn't been tried with boba! And in this spirit alcoholic bubble tea has risen to fame. Alcoholic bubble teas started as a small trend but today even large brands such as Baileys are introducing their own boba idea – watch this space for more boozy alternative milk tea ideas! Contact us here at Taipec for all your bubble tea needs.