Is Bubble Tea Kosher?

The broad appeal of bubble tea has led to an explosion in its popularity in recent years. As a fun and inclusive drink it is important to know the dietary restrictions.

Whether setting up your own café or just having some friends round for dinner, it’s important to recognise dietary requirements. In previous posts we have explored whether bubble tea products are halal and vegan and now we ask, is bubble tea kosher?

What is Kosher?

Kosher’ describes any food or beverage that fulfils the regulations of Jewish dietary law. These laws determine the food that may be consumed and how it must be produced, processed, and prepared.

The guidelines strictly prohibit any meat product being paired with any dairy product in the same meal. This includes all utensils used to prepare the two food categories being kept separate. Only specific cuts of meat from specific animals are permitted for consumption and they must be prepared in a very particular manner.

Plant-based food is generally considered kosher, unless prepared using non-kosher equipment. Additional dietary restrictions apply during the Jewish holiday of Passover, including all leavened grain products being forbidden.

Is Bubble Tea Kosher?

The short answer is yes, but you should always check! Traditional pearls are made from tapioca (starch from the cassava root) and not gelatine or any other animal product. This permits the mixing of milk tea with the tapioca balls according to kosher guidelines.

This is good news for boba fans, you can rest easy knowing that you can share a kosher boba with your friends. As a bubble tea shop owner you should make sure to check with your supplier and know your menu.

The rules for what is and isn't kosher are simple and easily understood. If you run a boba shop we encourage you to understand the common dietary restrictions that your customers might have. Being able to point to appropriate menu options when asked will make your shop a welcoming and inclusive place.

Looking to start a boba shop?

So what does that mean for bubble tea retailers? For starters, the bubble tea market is set to continue to grow in the UK and the market is broad. As the stereotypical home of tea, it's hardly surprising that bubble tea has taken off in the UK.

If you're looking to start a bubble tea shop or incorporate bubble tea in to your menu then see our other blog posts. And if you're interested in the best of bubble tea supplies, check out our products.