Must Have Bubble Tea Supplies UK

Taipec is the UK's number 1 bubble tea supplier in just about every metric. With the largest boba tea warehouse in the country Taipec is the supplier you can rely on for all your must-have bubble tea supplies.

Must Have Bubble Tea Supplies

With decades of experience in bubble tea, an established network in Taiwan, and a passion for bubble tea; Taipec is proud to be the number 1 bubble tea supplier in the UK – bringing the best of Taiwan to our shores. From traditional milky teas to fruity popping bobas, we have you and your customers covered for all your must have bubble tea supplies. So, let's take a look at 5 top-sellers from Taipec's bubble tea shop that every boba shop needs.

Must Have Bubble Tea Supplies – A Taipec Top 5

1 – Fructose Syrup

This high quality flavouring syrup sourced from Taiwan brings a wonderful sweetness to flavour your teas and cocktails. It's no surprise that fructose syrup tops our list, being an absolute favourite with boba fans all over the world. The perfect addition to almost any bubble tea, adding a touch of sweetness perfect for any palate.

2 – Strawberry Popping Boba

Strawberry popping boba may be a surprise entry on our list, but with the popularity of sweeter, fruity popping boba it should come as no surprise. The soft infusion of strawberry flavour that these popping boba provide adds a unique hit to any drink.

These popping boba aren't just great in bubble tea though! Popping boba is a great addition to a wide range of drinks and desserts, providing a refreshing hit of flavour in a new and unique way.

3 – Mango Popping Boba

On a similar theme, we have mango popping boba. The brilliantly sweet tropical taste of mango that these popping boba add to any bubble tea are part of what makes bubble tea unique. Flavours from all over the world can be combined into one tasty drink.

Although mango boba is the flavour on our list, we have seen huge interest in flavours as wild and tasty as chocolate, coffee, and pineapple. Check out our selection today and start giving your taste buds a treat!

4 – Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls

On a more traditional note, brown sugar tapioca pearls make our list at number 4. Practically synonymous with everything bubble tea, these traditional pearls are what makes boba tea, boba tea. In all corners of the world, you can find these black pearls sitting at the bottom of sweet tea drinks being merrily sipped. Because of this rich history, it should be no surprise that tapioca pearls are right up there on our list.

5 – Brown Sugar Syrup

And to finish off our list, brown sugar syrup. Another mainstay of the bubble tea world, this simple yet powerful flavouring adds that distinctive sweetness to any milky tea.

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