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Trade Customers

With regular large shipments from the Far East, we are able to negotiate cost savings which we pass onto our trade customers so that you can stay competitive in the market
About Taipec
Founded in 2009 with a passion for Taiwanese cuisine, Taipec has been dedicated to bringing the finest flavours to the European Market. We are the leaders in market development of Taiwanese brands in the English speaking world. We have approximately 1000 customers across UK, Ireland and Continental Europe and our range of products includes some of the most popular Taiwanese brands. We are able to supply machinery and non-food consumables for catering customers such as bubble tea packaging. As our core value, Taipec will be delighted to serve as your primary broker for Taiwanese goods and bring aromas to you.
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Trade Customers
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Why you should choose us as your Business Partner
Dedicated office in Taiwan
Always searching for the
highest quality products
Electronic and streamlined ordering system
Easy processes and customer service.
Competitive price structure
Ensuring you and your customer can
benefit from affordable pricing
Bubble tea one stop shop,
supplier and training services
Focus on building your bubble tea business
Stable and reliable inventory
We can cover your needs, even with
spikes in demands
Expertise in Taiwanese food
Keeping you and your customers updated with the most popular and trending foods.
Our Dry Food Service
We are proud to work with more than 50 suppliers in Taiwan to bring the freshness of Taiwan to the UK. Our dry food range includes popular food brands and ingredients originated from Taiwan. With a variety of delivery methods, we aim to deliver within 3 working days to customers in the UK, while we also supply customers in other European countries.
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Our Bubble Tea Service
The concept of Bubble Tea comes from Taiwan and its original image consists of tapioca balls, black tea and creamer. Within the recent decades, bubble tea has exploded in popularity and several variants have come to fruition. It's now a “must have” drink in the catering and hospitality business. Nowadays, people can easily find bubble tea either from the menu of restaurants or shops at high streets. As the leading bubble tea supplier in the UK, Taipec is proud to provide you a full range of bubble tea ingredients with latest trends.
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Seasonal Menu Development
Private Label Customisation
Business set up and consulting
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We are here to help
Taipec's dedicated purchasing team in Taiwan is always searching for the tastiest and most popular foods. We have a streamlined logistics operations to reduce unnecessary costs so we can pass those savings onto you while ensuring good stock availability for your business.