Polypropylene (or PP for short) is a widely used plastic that can be seen all around us. Almost everywhere we look in modern society you will find plastic, and boba shops are no different. Polypropylene is commonly used for the plastic cups through which boba fans get a window into your bubble tea creations. But is polypropylene safe?

Is Polypropylene Safe? – (TLDR: Yes!)

With over seven decades of widespread use in a seemingly never-ending list of uses, pp has been studied in depth and has been found to be safe for use in food and beverage industries. Similar to PETG (another similar plastic, often used in cups) pp has been declared safe for use by various respected organisations, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States.

These studies have also found that PP is BFA-free. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in some plastic manufacturing processes and is known to leach in to food and drinks. Although not necessarily dangerous, many consumers often prefer to ensure their plastics are BPA free. And you can rest assured that PP is free from BFA.

In short, you can be sure that pp cups are safe for your customers.

Is Polypropylene Sustainable?

Sustainability is the buzzword of the day. Sustainability, in its simplest sense, can be thought of as meeting the needs of today and facilitating the needs of tomorrow. The main sustainability advantage that pp has over other materials is its ease of recycling. Requiring small amounts of energy to recycle and retaining its strength during the process, the recyclability (and reusability) of pp cups make them one of the most sustainable options on the market.

Although in the future we may see other sustainable cup materials such as bamboo or bagasse. But, today these products are not available at competitive prices. Because we aim to provide our customers with cost-efficient products, we currently offer a range of PP cups in our online shop.

What Does Taipec Offer?

Here at Taipec we are passionate about bubble tea. It's why we do what we do. And we love being able to help you share your passion for bubble tea with your customers. To this extent we supply a wide range of bubble tea products. From ingredients and consumables to equipment and training, Taipec is the number 1 bubble tea supplier in the UK. Interested? Get in touch today.

Think you're a true boba fan? Test your knowledge with our top 5 things every boba fan should know.

Bubble tea has a global following of devoted fans who spur the growth and creativity in this tasty market. What makes boba special is its combination of uniqueness and the boundless flavour options. Whether you prefer a milky classic or a contemporary fruity twist, there's something for you in the world of bubble tea. Do you think you're a true boba fan? Test your knowledge with Taipec's 5 things only boba fans know.

5 Things Only Boba Fans Know

1 – Quality of pearls = Quality of boba shop

The one true test of a bubble tea shop is the pearls. Good tapioca pearls are the hallmark of genuine boba and are one thing for every boba aficionado should be able to judge.

Tapioca pearls are the edible, translucent black pearls that float around in the bottom of a classic bubble tea. They are chewy and make boba absolutely unique. Proper tapioca pearls should take two chews to swallow and release a balanced sweet taste when bitten in to.

2 – Classic milk tea is original and still most popular

Classic milk tea paired with brown-sugar dipped tapioca pearls is the original bubble tea. Although there is debate as to who invented boba and when; we're just happy we get to share this tasty drink with the world.

After 40 years the classic combination is still an enduring favourite and remains the world's best selling bubble tea.

3 – Boba at home is easier than you think

Looking to get your boba fix at home? Looking to impress your guests with the taste of boba? Look no further than boba at home. The simple process of making a bubble tea can easily be replicated at home. The only tricky part is the tapioca pearls. But, with a little bit of practice, these can be quickly perfected. Then, it's just a case of brewing your tea and adding your chosen toppings!

4 – Jelly is a great boba topping

You've tried classic tapioca and contemporary popping boba. Now it's time for a jelly topping. For a very different flavour and texture, try jelly on your boba. Jelly is also a great topping for made-at-home boba – you heard it here first!

5 – your friends will love you for introducing them to boba!

Alright, this one you probably know already! Introduce your boba novice friends to your favourite bubble tea shop and they'll love you for it. The world of bubble tea is rapidly growing and getting your friends in on this trend will open a whole new world of flavour to them.

Looking for something?

See our wide selection of bubble tea ingredients, equipment, and toppings on the Taipec shop.


As the world opens up and in-person socialising returns to normal, what are the soft drink trends of 2023?

With COVID-19 restrictions finally easing, many people are enjoying the freedom of sharing a beverage with friends. Experts are questioning whether the drinking habits developed during the pandemic will continue into 2023. Below are the top 5 drink trends to look out for.

Top 5 Drink Trends 2023

1 – Bubble Tea

The refreshing Taiwanese drink featuring wacky flavoured pearls has taken the world by storm in recent years. This is projected to continue in the post-pandemic era. There are a number of reasons for this, including:

  • A desire for new and interesting taste experiences.
  • The relative novelty of bubble tea.
  • The creative combinations available.

2 – Fermented Drinks

As consumers become increasingly health-conscious, the popularity of fermented drinks is expected to grow significantly. These can be in the form of fermented proteins, fruit juices, or cereal-based drinks.

3 – Boxed Wine

During the pandemic, consumers increasingly opted for boxed wine due to their increased lifetime and size as compared to bottled wine. Boxes are also more environmentally friendly, generating about half the carbon-dioxide emissions than that of a glass bottle.

4 – Canned Cocktails

For those of us that don’t have the talent (or time!) to make fancy homemade cocktails, the option of ready-to-drink cocktails in cans couldn’t sound better. The conveniently packaged alcoholic beverage has shown rapid growth in the last two years and this is only forecasted to continue.

5 – Alcohol Free Beers & Spirits

Recent studies have shown that more and more adults are proactively moderating their alcoholic intake in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. Low and non-alcoholic drinks have consequently flooded the market, leaving consumers spoilt for choice. This category has something for everyone, whether it’s wanting a beer alternative or just something with less sugar, calories, or alcohol.

What Does This Mean?

The food and drink market has changed drastically in the last few years. And there is no indication we will be going back to the tastes of yesteryear. For bubble tea, this means that the explosion of flavours and combinations that we have seen in recent years is only set to continue.

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s but the exact origins of the drink are strongly debated.

It’s widely agreed that bubble tea (also known as pearl milk, tapioca milk, or boba tea) originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. The exact origins, however, are unclear. There are a number of competing accounts. Let's look at the history of bubble tea.

The Origin Dispute

The title of inventor is claimed by two competing Taiwanese teahouses. The Hanlin Tea Room in Tainan argues that it first created the drink back in 1986 when the owner, Tu Tsong-Hu, decided to add tapioca balls to black milk tea. However, the Chun Shui Tang tearoom in Taichung insists that an employee named Lin Hsiu-hui invented the beverage in 1987 by mixing her favourite childhood snack, tapioca balls, with iced milk tea and lemon black tea.

The debate over the history of bubble tea has raged ever since. Even after filing several lawsuits against one another and going to court in an attempt to resolve the dispute, neither one was able to patent their product successfully.

Rise In Popularity

The bubbly beverage exploded in popularity in the 90s, spreading across East and Southeast Asia. Shops began opening all over the globe, carrying the bubble tea trend as far as the US, UK and Australia.

Though black tea was originally used, green tea, oolong tea, and white tea are all popular. The tapioca pearls have also evolved over time, with the introduction of fruit powders and addition of elements like almond jelly and red beans. More recently, the bubble tea craze has transcended beverages to be included in various foods such as ice cream, toast, and pizza.

Bubble tea has now become synonymous with Taiwan, representing a symbol of the nation’s culture and food history. There is even a National Bubble Tea Day in the country, celebrated on April 30th.  Takeaway tea shops can be found on almost every street corner, with new flavours being continually developed to compete against rival chains.

Bubble Tea Today

Today bubble tea is more popular than ever. And there are no signs that the growth is slowing. All across the UK more and more shops are opening to serve boba to the masses. There has been a growth in boba being added to the menu of traditional cafes to broaden their appeal.

Here at Taipec we are passionate about offering the best of Taiwanese cuisine to you and your customers. We offer a wide range of products, equipment, and training. Contact us today to start your journey.

We all love pets. Our four-legged friends our with us through the ups and downs of life. But they do have a habit of eating anything left out! So, is bubble tea safe for pets?

As temperatures rise and we all get in to the swing of summer pet owners will be thinking even more carefully about the health of their pets. Whether your dog will eat anything you spill or a curious cat can't resist sampling anything you leave out, knowing what your pets can and can't have is important for any pet owner. Bubble tea is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, so, is bubble tea safe for pets?

Is bubble tea safe for pets?

The short answer, sadly, is no. We would love to be able to tell you to hit the road with your pets and share a boba on a summer's day; but unfortunately bubble tea is not safe for pets.

While it may look harmless and maybe you think your furry friend would enjoy a fruity, refreshing hit of popping boba on a warm summer's day, bubble tea should not be given to pets.

If one of your pets gets at your boba then there is no need to panic. The ingredients of a bubble tea are not necessarily harmful for pets, but the sugar content, calories, and lactose content will not be healthy for your pet in any great quantity. Additionally, the chewy tapioca pearls may become a choking hazard if not properly chewed.

How to enjoy your boba

While you can't share your bubble tea with your pets (no matter how adorable they are when they beg for a taste!) you should enjoy bubble tea as part of a healthy, balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Boba is a great treat and an excellent way of exploring new flavours.

When looking to start a boba shop there are two options: buy in to a franchise or go independent.

Bubble tea is a hot market in the UK and the growth in demand looks set to continue over the next decade. This makes opening a bubble tea shop an attractive proposition for many boba fans. But whether to buy in to a franchise or go independent is a big question. So, in this post we outline the benefits of going with a bubble tea franchise.

5 reasons to buy in to a bubble tea franchise

1 – An established brand

The number one benefit of buying in to a bubble tea franchise is the fact that you will be buying in to an established brand. The pull of a strong brand will give you a head start when building your customer base and you will benefit from brand recognition when people travel to your area.

2 – A predetermined path

Starting a business can be scary. There are so many variables to take care of and seemingly so many things that can go wrong. As part of a franchise you will have support to develop your business along a predetermined path.

3 – Supplier deals taken care of

As part of a franchise you will have your bubble tea supplier deals taken care of. These deals will be struck by your franchise provider and you will likely benefit from the volume discounts given to a large franchise provider. This discount will be one of the biggest benefits of being part of a bubble tea franchise.

4 – Help to grow

As well as helping you to get up and running with your boba dreams, a franchise partner will help you to grow. While you may be new to the boba tea game; your franchise provider will be veterans and will be on hand to help you grow and develop your business.

5 – The potential for more shops

And the final benefit, you have a ready-made partner for more boba shops. If you are looking to grow fast and build your boba empire then the ability of a franchise partner to help you open more than one shop in quick succession will be key to your success.

Summer is right around the corner and we are here to share the best drinks to reimagine for a popping boba summer twist.

July marks the start of summer in the UK. The days are longer, the kids are out of school. The BBQ is fired up and the good times feel like they will never end. And of course there are some drinks that are synonymous with summertime. Whether guzzled by thirsty kids or sipped by adults enjoying the sun, a glass of these is sure to be a crowd pleaser. But what if you reimagined a summer classic with a popping boba summer twist?

Popping Boba Summer Twist

Popping boba are the tasty balls of flavour that have revolutionised bubble tea. Opening up a whole new world of flavour and infinite possibilities these brightly coloured balls have been confined to bubble tea. Until now!

We have seen some creative people adding popping boba to all kinds of drinks. And we thought we'd showcase three here.


Nothing quite refreshes the soul on a warm day like fresh lemonade. Sometimes accompanied by a lemon and occasionally freshly squeezed, this is sure to hit the spot.

But, refreshing as it is, a glass of lemonade is gone in seconds. Add a lemon or blueberry popping boba to an ice cold glass of lemonade for a refreshing hit of flavour with a summery twist. The popping boba will add an extra dimension to the flavour and make it last a little longer!


Is there anything that says summer like Pimms? From Wimbledon to the Queen's Jubilee, Pimms is a quintessential part of summer in the UK.

Mixing Pimms, mint, cucumber, and an assortment of summer fruits in a punch bowl and sharing endless glasses with friends and family is as traditional as fish and chips.

With this concoction of fruity flavours why not add popping boba in to the mix? An extra shot of flavour and some added texture, in a way that only popping boba can provide, makes this a great reimagining of a summer classic.

Orange Juice

Freshly squeezed in front of your eyes, orange juice always hits the spot. Healthy, nutritious, and bound to keep the kids going all day, orange juice is consumed in vast quantities in the summer good weather. Why not add an orange or mango popping boba to this old favourite for a fruity twist!


Bubble tea is great to enjoy while out and about. But what are the perfect bubble tea food pairings when you fancy an extra treat?

From classic milky teas with chewy tapioca pearls to the vibrant colours and explosive flavours of popping boba; bubble tea is a favourite all over the world. And in the last few years there has been a massive increase in the interest in bubble tea in the UK. From small beginnings just a few years ago, bubble eta in the UK is now a massive business. But what happens when you're feeling peckish and fancy a tasty treat to go with your boba? What are the perfect bubble tea food pairings?

Perfect Bubble Tea Food Pairings

1 – Mochi

Mochi and boba are a match made in heaven. The smooth mochi with its rich aroma and wide range of flavours is the perfect companion to a tasty boba. From fruit mochi and classic to the more adventurous red bean flavours, mochi is sure to hit the spot!

2 – Dumplings

If you're in the mood for a savoury complement to a sweet or milky boba then dumplings are an excellent choice. With hundreds of options available all over the world, dumplings are the perfect companion when sipping on a boba. Looking to up your dumpling game? Try our dumpling hot sauce or garlic sauce for an extra hit of flavour.

3 – Nougat Biscuits

And if you just can't get enough of boba, look no further than our boba nougat biscuits. Tasty, crunchy, and ready to eat, pair these with a boba of your choice and watch your tastebuds go wild!

Taipec – You're supplier for everything bubble tea

Here at Taipec we are passionate about bubble tea. And we have a wealth of experience supplying the UK with the best ingredients, as well as delivering training and business development support. Contact us today to find out more and start your boba journey.

The growth of bubble tea in the UK has been enormous in recent years. And this growth has shown no sign of slowing down. With every major city and many smaller towns now boasting a boba shop, it is undeniable that bubble tea is here to stay. But there is potentially a downside to this popularity. As boba gets more popular the larger, well-established café chains are starting to catch on and offer their own bubble tea. Costa Coffee is just one of these chains and some independent boba shops are worries that these large chains will start to take over the market. So, are mainstream chains a threat to bubble tea shops?

Mainstream Chains vs Independent Bubble Tea Shops

Whether you run an independent or franchised boba shop, or if you are thinking about getting in to the bubble tea business; the rising popularity of boba in big chains is sure to interest you. It would be easy to see the emergence of bubble tea in large chains as a threat to smaller boba shops. The scale of these chains and their well established customer bases may seem like an insurmountable issue for the long-term growth of your own boba business. But, this is not the case.

Bubble tea is a growing business

As we have detailed in a previous post, bubble tea is a growing business. The UK bubble tea business is expected to grow at 8.5% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) over the next 10 years. Put another way, the boba business is expected to grow in size by 50% in the next 5 days and 225% over the next decade. This makes bubble tea an attractive opportunity for investment and now a great time to get in to the boba business. So, it seems there will be plenty of space for boba shops in the years to come.

A sign of popularity

While you may think the rise of boba in big chains poses a threat to your bubble tea business, actually, the reverse is true. With the emergence of boba in big business the number of people exposed to bubble tea will increase dramatically. When this happens, there will be a large number of people with a taste for boba, looking for something just like your shop.

Differentiation is key

Think about it just for a second. Someone who gets a taste for bubble tea at a big chain will not just stick to that big chain. They will go looking for greater range and taste diversity. And they will find it at a specialist boba shop like yours. The differentiation of a dedicated boba shop will naturally draw customers to you.

There is a parallel here to the difference in scale of large coffee chains and independent coffee shops. Walk down any street in London and you will find a litany of boutique coffee shops. These small shops thrive by carving out a niche and offering a different experience to larger chains. Your unique boba shop can emulate this success. In this way, the rise of bubble tea in mainstream chains will actually be a huge benefit to your boba business. A rising tide will lift all boats.

Looking to the future

So what does this all mean? Looking to the future the growing popularity of bubble tea in the UK is a huge opportunity. And this is an opportunity that your boba shop could take advantage of.

In order to position your bubble tea shop as an attractive place to be, read our selected Taipec blogs below:

Why Taipec?

Here at Taipec we are passionate about bubble tea and share with passion with our thousands of customers. We are the largest bubble tea supplier in the UK and have unrivalled experience in bringing the best of Taiwan to the UK. Contact us today to find out more. And check out our bubble tea service to find out what we offer.

It's no secret that bubble tea is hugely popular in the UK. And as the largest bubble tea supplier in the UK we are passionate about sharing our love of boba with the whole country. One sector of the population that drinks more boba than most is students. And universities are getting in on the act. There has been a surge in popularity of bubble tea societies at university and we are proud to support this growth. We attended a number of freshers' weeks this year and in this post we take a look at the benefits of bubble tea at freshers' week.

Bubble Tea At Fresher's Week

Bubble tea has been making an appearance at more and more freshers weeks over the last few years and universities are increasingly looking to cater to the increased demand. If you're a student at university then the bubble tea societies and boba shops you find in fresher's week may be your boba hangouts for the next few years.

Boba shops on campus

There are a plethora of bubble tea shops opening up on campuses around the UK. And the first thing an undergraduate boba fan should do is find theirs. While some are still small, some such as University College London's boba shop in the engineering buildings are much bigger!

Boba shops around campus

Not every university has a bubble tea shop on campus (yet!) and so the next best thing is to find your local bubble tea shop. But, how do you know where to find the best bubble tea shop in your area?

Bubble tea societies

Most universities these days have a bubble tea society (socieTEA!) and if yours doesn't then why not start you own? Once again UCL is a prime example of bubble tea on campus with a thriving boba society. A boba society that also happens to run a brilliant Instagram page! These societies are a place for like-minded students to meet, work, and enjoy boba tea at universityThese are active groups that organise social events like bubble tea crawls, workshops, and trips to shops in nearby cities. All of these students are helping to spread the popularity of the bubbly beverage!

Looking for a boba tea supplier?

Taipec are the largest bubble tea supplier in the UK and if you are looking for a boba supplier for your UK university then look no further. With the largest bubble tea warehouse in the UK and thousands of customers up and down the country, we are the perfect supplier for you. Contact us today to find out more.

Experimenting at home with your own boba creations? Then you'll need to know how to make tapioca pearls.

Tapioca pearls are synonymous with boba and make the drink unique. The sweet, chewy pearls are a taste sensation that people all over the world, and the UK, just can't get enough of.

What Are Tapioca Pearls?

The pearls are made from tapioca, a starch extracted from the cassava root. Naturally translucent but more often found in boba as a black pearl due to the addition of brown sugar, these little chewy pearls of goodness make for a striking look and a great taste!

How To Make Tapioca Pearls

This is an easy and simple process that anyone can follow at home. You need just two key ingredients as well as any syrups or sweeteners you would like to add to make these pearls your own.

Step 1 – Making the dough

  1. Place your tapioca starch in a bowl.
  2. Put food colouring (if desired) in a separate bowl and add a teaspoon of boiling water.
  3. Add boiling water to the tapioca starch and pour in the food colouring.
  4. Let the water liquid settle for a few seconds and then whisk the mixture with a fork.

At this point the mixture should be sticking together and it is time to take transfer the clump of starch from the bowl to a flat surface.

Step 2 – Create the pearls

  1. Knead the dough until it becomes smooth and homogenous.
  2. Cut the dough in to roughly evenly sized pieces.
  3. Roll the dough in to long strings approximately 10mm in diameter, making sure each pearl is about the same size.
  4. gently roll the pearls between your palms until they are spherical

Step 3 – Cook

Cooking the freshly made tapioca pearls is simple and easy to do at home.

  1. Bring water to a boil, using a 5:1 ratio of water to tapioca pearls.
  2. Add the pearls to the boiling water and leave to cook for 15-30 minutes. The pearls should be translucent and you can experiment with longer or shorter cooking times to alter the consistency.
  3. Transfer them to a bowl with a little water (to stop them sticking together) and pour in a little bit of syrup (we recommend hazelnut or brown sugar) to sweeten.

Step 4 – Enjoy!

Making your very own tapioca pearls is as simple as that! Drop them into a boba tea and serve to your family and friends. Alternatively, you can store boba pearls in the refrigerator for up to three days. But remember, fresh always tastes better!

Alternatively, buy them ready made!

If you feel the above is a bit too tricky to master, or you simply want an easy way to manage your time and resources, you can buy them pre-packaged. You just need to simmer them for 20 minutes and then let them stand for 25 mins and they are good to go.

A fructose dispenser machine can seem like a big investment for a small or even medium sized boba shop. And you may be wondering whether purchasing one is right for your business. Like any investment, it should be carefully considered and in order to make that decision you need to understand what they do and how they can help you business.

In a previous post we looked at the basics of fructose dispensers and we have recently added a fructose dispensing machine to our online store, which you can see here.

Fructose Dispenser Machine

In the fast-paced and competitive world of bubble tea every improvement that can be made to your business should be carefully considered. There are a number of advantages to a fructose dispenser machine, including:


The first advantage of a fructose dispensing machine is the level of customisability they afford. From tuning the level of sweetness to programming custom settings for your boba creations, the level of customisability in your menu will explode.


In a busy boba shop efficiency is key. The speed at which you can serve your customers with exceptional boba, and even more exceptional service, will make your bubble tea shop highly efficient and even more profitable. Using a fructose dispenser machine to ensure every drink you produce is made efficiently and with little waste will be a game changer for your boba shop.


Speed and efficiency go hand in hand. Letting a programmable machine take the some of the burden of making hundreds of drinks a day will help you speed up your service. The faster your customers get their boba, the faster you make money. And, the faster you serve your customers, the more people you can share your boba creations with.


If you are thinking of opening a specialist boba shop then a fructose dispenser machine is an absolute must. By tackling complex bubble teas you will need to pay extra time and care to their creation. And letting a machine take some of this burden will help make your boba business a success.


We love to share our passion for bubble tea. And we partner with bubble tea businesses that share our passion. If you are planning to grow and expand your business then a fructose machine is an absolute must. Being able to serve more customers, faster and more efficiently, will be key to your growth. And with the relatively low cost of a fructose dispenser, you will soon see the returns on your investment.

Interested in growing you boba business?

Contact us today to find out how Taipec can help grow your bubble tea business. With a passion for bubble tea, we can take your boba business from good to great.




Taipec are the largest provider of boba tea supplies in the UK. We are proud to use our expertise to supply the best of Taiwanese food and drink to the UK market.

Bubble tea is exploding in popularity and the market for UK boba tea supplies is fierce with competition. Here at Taipec we pride ourselves on being the largest and most experienced boba tea suppliers in the UK. Our 40,000sqft UK warehouse supplies thousands of customers all over the UK with everything needed for your bubble tea enterprise to thrive.

Boba Tea Supplies UK

When starting or growing a bubble tea enterprise it can feel as though there an infinite number of things your boba shop needs. Cups, straws, ladels, popping boba, creamer… the list goes on and on. And in the competitive world of bubble tea everything you serve has to be of the highest quality. Taipec exists to service your every bubble tea need. From consumables to equipment, we have you covered.

Boba Tea Supplies – What you need

We have previously written about the importance of quality and how important your supplier is in building a successful boba business. Our mission at Taipec is to provide you with everything you need to thrive.

We offer the complete range of bubble tea supplies to the UK, including:

Tea leaves

Tea leaves are central to any bubble tea business. After all, it's in the name! Cost and quality are the bywords for Taipec's tea selection. With a dedicated team in Taiwan searching for a range of high-quality teas and regular large shipments providing cost savings we pass on to our customers; Taipec is a reliable and experienced supplier of this key tea ingredient.


From matcha to cantaloupe, Taipec stocks a wide range of both 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 powders to satisfy every customer. Flavoured powders are an excellent way to introduce your customers to new and exciting boba flavours. And have you tried creamy foam? Check out this latest boba trend today.

Syrups & Jams

It's no secret that boba fans love a sweet treat. And with Taipec's range of syrups and jams your customers will not be disappointed. Great in both hot and cold drinks, as well as a wide range of desserts and sweet treats outside of bubble tea; our selection is sure to delight your customers.

Tapioca Pearls & Toppings

Synonymous with boba and recognisable all over the world, it is the tapioca pearls and toppings that really make boba, boba. We stock a selection of these old favourites, including traditional tapioca pearls, as well as new favourites such as  Aloe vera in syrup.


Adding jellies to your tea is just one more way to inject a burst of flavour to your boba. From apple and mango to pineapple and coconut; these jellies are a perfect addition to any boba. But, they're not just for bubble tea. Flavoured jellies are a great addition to any sweet treat, dessert, or drink. Just imagine the possibilities!

Popping Boba

Popping boba is probably our favourite part of bubble tea. Fun, fresh, exciting, and bursting with flavour; popping boba is a worldwide favourite. Recognising the universal appeal of a fruity twist to your bubble tea, Taipec stocks a wide range of popping bobas.

But why stop there? Popping bobas are the perfect addition to cocktails and desserts to provide a new twist on an old favourite. Imagine, a popping apple margarita or popping boba in eton mess. Let your imagination run wild!


It's no secret that consumables are central to the operation of a boba shop. From cups and lids to shakers and bags; a boba shop needs to be fully stocked.

Equipment & Tools

To complement our offering of bubble tea ingredients and consumables, we supply a range of equipment and tools to help you build the best boba shop you can. We are passionate about bubble tea and want to help you share the joys of boba with your customers.

Put simply, for all of your UK bubble tea supplies, Taipec is an unrivalled partner for your business.

Our Team

The key to Taipec is the team. We are proudly UK based and maintain a strong network within Taiwan who search high and low for the best Taiwanese food and drink goods to bring to your doors and stores. With decades of experience in logistics and an established reputation as the number 1 UK bubble tea supplier, our team is here to serve you.

Contact us

If you are interested in finding out how Taipec can become your UK bubble tea supplier, explore our trade customers page and contact us today. Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to help with every step of the way.



If you're a bubble tea fan then you have probably seen boba cups sealed with a thin film. These thin films are a great low-cost alternative to lids and offer some exciting branding and growth opportunities. Interested? Read on to find out how bubble tea sealing film can help your business.

Bubble Tea Sealing Film

We stock bubble tea sealing film as well as the cup sealing machine that goes with it. Although this may be a large investment for many bubble tea shops, the value that cup sealing machines can add to a growing business should not be understated.

In this post we will explore some of the benefits of cup sealing films and why they might be right for your business.

Bubble Tea Sealing Film – Right for your business?

There are three key benefits to using a cup sealing machine. But first, why might a cup sealing machine not be right for your business? If your shop sells fewer than 100 cups per day then you are probably not ready for this investment. The economies are similar to fructose machines in this sense.


Efficiency is key for any business. If you are looking to grow your boba business then automating the cup sealing process with a cup sealing machine will help provide a marginal gain in a critical part of the bubble tea making process. If you are making hundreds of cups of bubble tea per day then the time and cost saving cup sealing film may be the way to go.


If you are looking to get in to the highly lucrative bubble tea delivery industry then a cup sealing machine is an absolute must. No matter how tasty your boba is, if the cup isn't sealed properly it won't survive the delivery journey. Bubble tea delivery is a huge business and with the predicted growth in the UK boba market, this is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of.


It's no secret that branding is key. And your boba brand is no different. Because of the importance of branding you should take advantage of every opportunity to put your logo in front of your customers. Customising cups and lids with your boba shop branding is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand with your customers, making sure they keep coming back! Contact us to find out more about cup sealing customisation.

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Loyalty programs are a great way to engage your customers and build a loyal fan base. Here is a 5 step process to design your boba shop loyalty program.

Designing a loyalty program is about providing a benefit to your customers so that they keep coming back as loyal customers. Loyalty programs are used extensively by big retailers but can also be used by independent cafes and small chains. Here are five steps to designing your boba shop loyalty program.

5 Steps To a Boba Shop Loyalty Program

1 – Decide what you want to offer

Deciding what you want to offer as part of your rewards scheme is the first important decision you have to make. Which products and what deals you want to offer will be central to attracting customers to your program. You also need to consider how many points each purchase will reward customers with and how customers will redeem their points.

Another key consideration is how easily you can integrate your rewards scheme with your online presence (website, social media, and app) and your shop till. Making earning and redeeming loyalty card points a seamless experience will be key to your scheme's success or failure.

2 – Integrate your brand

Your brand should be central to everything you do. Make sure your loyalty scheme reflects your brand and is fully integrated. You will get one chance to effectively execute your rewards scheme so getting it right first time is essential.

Just like your menu, your rewards scheme should stay fresh and up-to-date. Make sure your loyalty scheme is something you get right in your bubble tea business. This means that the offers on your loyalty scheme should be updated regularly and change with the seasons.

3 – Build a following on social media and in-person

Once you have designed and implemented your rewards scheme you need to enrol customers. Building the following on social media and advertising both online and in-person to get people using your rewards scheme is the most important part of the process.

Utilise network effects both online and offline to organically grow your scheme and widen your customer base.

4 – Reward your customers

This one is easy. Reward your customers! After designing your scheme and getting people enrolled you should be excited to share the benefits of your offering.

5 – Measure the impact

This is the most important part of all. In project management there is a saying: “What gets measured gets managed”. Measuring the impact your scheme is having will allow you to tailor your offerings and make sure that your customers are happy and you are making money.


PP (short for polypropylene) cups are ubiquitous all over the world. From sporting events and takeaways to your very own boba shop, they are a mainstay in the food and beverage industry. At Taipec we believe that you should understand every aspect of your business, and to this end in this post we explore pp cups. What they are and why they are so widespread.

PP (Polypropylene) Cups

The basics

Polypropylene (pp) was invented in 1951 and by 1957 had become a global success. And even in 2022 it remains as one of the most commonly used materials in the world. Present in everything from cups and cosmetics to automotive and aerospace parts, polypropylene is a highly diverse material. As a very flexible material that can be melted down and recycled, as well as washed by hand or machine, it is the material of choice for plastic cups.


As an established material with which consumers have nearly 7 decades of experience, pp cups are here to stay. They have a number of advantages that make them an attractive proposition as bubble tea cups.

  • environmentally friendly raw materials
  • easily recyclable
  • durable and safe

Because of these highly desirable properties Taipec offers a range of pp cups perfect for bulk purchases for bubble tea shops. Coming in both 500ml and 700ml variations, these see-through cups allow you to show off your boba creations. But if you really want to stand out, try customising your bubble tea cups with your boba shop's branding!

The future

The world is changing and it is no secret that the drive to make businesses more sustainable will be a key challenged in the future. This will apply to every business, including yours. We have previously explored the comparison between PP and PETG and in this post we will also look at paper cups.

Although paper cups may seem like a questionable choice, the drive for recyclability means that paper has to be considered. You may have seen the switch to paper straws (although check out our bamboo straws for a great alternative) but don't expect a similar switch to paper cups any time soon. The requirement for complete waterproofing and water tightness in cups means that paper alternatives require a plastic liner, often making the cups un-recyclable.

What does this mean for me?

You can rest assured that PP cups are here to stay. And as an environmentally conscious boba shop owner you may wish to go further and organise your own cup recycling program. Contact Taipec today to find out how we can help your boba shop grow.