Bamboo Straws – Why They Are The Future

The reign of plastic is over. As the world looks for alternatives, could bamboo be the answer?

In recent years the ubiquitous plastic straws that once came with every meal and takeaway have started to disappear. No longer is a discarded plastic straw a commonplace sight in city centres. But with no sign of demand for takeaway food decreasing it begs the question, what will replace them? The answer: Bamboo Straws.

The End of Plastic

The end of plastic's reign as the convenience material of choice for disposable food and drink containers and utensils is nearing and the world is looking towards new, more sustainable materials to replace it. After a recent change in the law, it is now generally illegal to offer plastic straws and the paper replacements have not been well received.

So that has left the industry wondering, what will next widely adopted straw be made from?

The Rise of Bamboo

One option that is growing rapidly in popularity is Bamboo. Bamboo straws are the trendy, sustainable alternative to plastic and paper that has all the benefits of the former without the drawbacks of the latter.

But why Bamboo?

1 – Bamboo Straws Are Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo really is a wonder material. It can be adapted for a vast array of uses (including building, clothing, and accessories) as well as having a strong relationship with food and cuisine. Bamboo has a number of environmental benefits, including:

  • Rapid and continuous growth means it can be harvested quickly.
  • Low water demand means it is not a resource intensive crop.
  • It grows in a wide and varied range of environments.
  • It rarely needs replanting
  • Bamboo plays an important role in soil stabilisation

2 – Bamboo Straws Are Travel Safe

There is a growing trend of individuals carrying their own reusable travel straws. These have been predominantly metal in the past but these straws tend to leave a metallic taste in the mouth. And they can be an issue to get through international security. No such issues with bamboo. As a natural material you get all the benefits of durability with none of the drawbacks of a metal straw.

3 – Bamboo Straws Are For Life

Bamboo straws are for life, literally! As a natural material with low environmental impacts and at the end of its life it can be recycled or composted. By using these straws you are promoting life on earth today and helping to ensure the survival of life on earth tomorrow.

Where To Get Your Bamboo Straws

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