Marketing your bubble tea shop will be one of the most important things you do as a Boba shop owner.

We have previously covered how to get started and grow your online presence. Today we are going to explore another 5 tips to maximise your marketing efforts and build a sustainable business. How to make the most of your bubble tea shop marketing.

5 More Bubble Tea Shop Marketing Tips

1 – Have your own rewards scheme

Making sure people keep coming back to your boba shop is a key aim of your marketing effort. Ensuring repeating revenue from loyal customers via a rewards scheme is a great way to develop a loyal fan base and keep people coming back for more. Setting up a loyalty scheme is simple and will be covered in a future Taipec blog post.

2 – Showcase your staff

Your staff are the heart of your bubble tea shop operation. They are often working in small teams and fulfilling orders for huge numbers of customers. Staff training is essential but keeping your staff happy is just as important! One way you can do this is by showcasing your staff on your social media pages and website. Showing your customers how important your staff are is a welcome change from the impersonal business age of Zoom calls and Teams meetings!

3 – Partner with suppliers

Your suppliers will be your most important partners in running your bubble tea shop. They are the people making sure your staff training is up-to-date and your products are of the highest quality. Engage with your suppliers to put on seasonal menus, introduce new products, and expand your offering.

4 – Make-your-own Boba events

The infinite flavour combinations that bubble tea offers and the inherently social nature of bubble tea makes the idea of private ‘make your own' boba events hosted at your bubble tea shop an attractive possibility – think Build-a-Bear workshops for bubble tea!

5 – Consistency is key in bubble tea shop marketing

Consistency is key. Rome wasn't built in a day and you shouldn't expect marketing to work overnight. Keeping a regular schedule for updating your website and social media, engaging your customers, and maintaining your brand identity over time will build your reputation and grow your business.

When starting a bubble tea shop there is a lot to think about. But remember these 5 things and you will be on the right track.

Every aspect of your bubble tea shop requires careful consideration. From the decoration and branding to your menu and social media efforts, it's easy to get lost in the details. But zoom out for a second and consider the these 5 top tips to always keep in mind. Make sure you stay on track when starting a boba business.

Starting A Boba Business

1 – Limit your selection

Walk in to any large bubble tea shop and you will be greeted by an enormous list of options. It can be tempting to think you have to offer everything to your customers but this is not the case. Start by limiting your selection to a few options and do them well. Over time you can start to add to your menu and branch out.

2 – Efficiency is key

In a fast paced business like bubble tea efficiency is absolutely key. Serving your customers high quality, tasty bobas without delay is going to be the difference between your boba shop becoming a local hero, or a local zero. When training staff you should focus on quality and efficiency.

3 – Tell your story

Your brand identity and marketing story shouldn't just be something you make use of when launching your business. It can be easy to get lost in the demands of running a business but make sure your brand identity shines through in everything you do.

4 – Identify your target market

Don't just identify your target market, know it! There is a difference between selecting the market you want to service and understanding their needs and wants at a detailed level. Make sure you really KNOW your target market.

5 – Consistency is key

In everything you do, consistency is key. Reputation is lost far easier than it is won and making sure your standards don't slip is the most important thing you can do when building your boba tea shop. From customer service and social media engagement to staff training and equipment maintenance, a consistently high quality is vital to your bubble tea shop surviving and thriving.

Bubble Tea is a competitive market. There's no shortcut to success but these bubble tea success secrets will help you on your way to building your boba empire.

When you embark on the venture of opening a bubble tea shop there are a seemingly never-ending list of things you need to think about. We have covered how to start a bubble tea shop and what you need to get right. Today we are going to look at three top bubble tea success secrets to make sure you get the basics right.

Bubble Tea Success Secrets

1 – Ergonomics

It can be easy to forget when you are picking a colour scheme and decorating your interior; but focusing on ergonomics is an absolute must when it comes to opening your bubble tea shop. Think about the journeys your customers and staff will take through your shop and make sure these are easy. This is a vitally important consideration and is something to discuss when laying out your score. Some things to consider:

  • Can your customers get from the door to the counter?
  • Is the journey from the counter to the seats easy?
  • Can the toilets be found easily?
  • If you offer table service how short is the walk for your staff?
  • Will your staff be able to restock easily?

2 – Promoting multiple sales

When you are putting together your menu together the biggest mistake you can make is pricing your options individually. Think about what people might want to buy as well as a boba and price these secondary items to maximise profits. Everyone has been to a supermarket and seen the racks of sweets and drinks next to the checkouts. Try and do the same thing to encourage multiple sale in every transaction.

3 – Understand what you are selling

This might be unexpected but bear with us. You might be thinking, “I'm selling bubble tea, what do you mean?”. You are never just selling the product on your shelves or the tapioca pearls on the hob. As a bubble tea shop owner you are selling something different to every one of your customers. A bubble tea shop can be:

  • An escape from the stresses of work.
  • Somewhere to meet friends and socialise.
  • A place to remind you of home.
  • Somewhere to try new things.
  • A once-in-a-while treat.
  • And many, many, more…

Remember that your bubble tea shop is something different to every one of your customers and keep this in mind every day. It might just make the difference!

When looking to start a boba shop there are two options: buy in to a franchise or go independent.

Bubble tea is a hot market in the UK and the growth in demand looks set to continue over the next decade. This makes opening a bubble tea shop an attractive proposition for many boba fans. But whether to buy in to a franchise or go independent is a big question. So, in this post we outline the benefits of going with a bubble tea franchise.

5 reasons to buy in to a bubble tea franchise

1 – An established brand

The number one benefit of buying in to a bubble tea franchise is the fact that you will be buying in to an established brand. The pull of a strong brand will give you a head start when building your customer base and you will benefit from brand recognition when people travel to your area.

2 – A predetermined path

Starting a business can be scary. There are so many variables to take care of and seemingly so many things that can go wrong. As part of a franchise you will have support to develop your business along a predetermined path.

3 – Supplier deals taken care of

As part of a franchise you will have your bubble tea supplier deals taken care of. These deals will be struck by your franchise provider and you will likely benefit from the volume discounts given to a large franchise provider. This discount will be one of the biggest benefits of being part of a bubble tea franchise.

4 – Help to grow

As well as helping you to get up and running with your boba dreams, a franchise partner will help you to grow. While you may be new to the boba tea game; your franchise provider will be veterans and will be on hand to help you grow and develop your business.

5 – The potential for more shops

And the final benefit, you have a ready-made partner for more boba shops. If you are looking to grow fast and build your boba empire then the ability of a franchise partner to help you open more than one shop in quick succession will be key to your success.

Bubble tea is great to enjoy while out and about. But what are the perfect bubble tea food pairings when you fancy an extra treat?

From classic milky teas with chewy tapioca pearls to the vibrant colours and explosive flavours of popping boba; bubble tea is a favourite all over the world. And in the last few years there has been a massive increase in the interest in bubble tea in the UK. From small beginnings just a few years ago, bubble eta in the UK is now a massive business. But what happens when you're feeling peckish and fancy a tasty treat to go with your boba? What are the perfect bubble tea food pairings?

Perfect Bubble Tea Food Pairings

1 – Mochi

Mochi and boba are a match made in heaven. The smooth mochi with its rich aroma and wide range of flavours is the perfect companion to a tasty boba. From fruit mochi and classic to the more adventurous red bean flavours, mochi is sure to hit the spot!

2 – Dumplings

If you're in the mood for a savoury complement to a sweet or milky boba then dumplings are an excellent choice. With hundreds of options available all over the world, dumplings are the perfect companion when sipping on a boba. Looking to up your dumpling game? Try our dumpling hot sauce or garlic sauce for an extra hit of flavour.

3 – Nougat Biscuits

And if you just can't get enough of boba, look no further than our boba nougat biscuits. Tasty, crunchy, and ready to eat, pair these with a boba of your choice and watch your tastebuds go wild!

Taipec – You're supplier for everything bubble tea

Here at Taipec we are passionate about bubble tea. And we have a wealth of experience supplying the UK with the best ingredients, as well as delivering training and business development support. Contact us today to find out more and start your boba journey.

We hope you are enjoying the Taipec Blog where we share with the world our insights in to the world of bubble tea and Taiwanese groceries. We have found the Taipec blog to be a great way of sharing our hints, tips, and growing our customer base. So we thought we'd share with you why a boba blog might be right for your bubble tea shop.

Boba Blog – Good For Your Business?

Standing out from the crowd is key for growing your bubble tea business and there are a number of ways you can do this. From getting the basics right and making sure you settle in the right location, to learning lessons from successful cafés and making your boba shop the place to be.

So, is a boba blog right for you? And, if so, what should go in a boba blog?

Boba Shop Blog – Right for your bubble tea shop?

The first decision to make is whether a boba blog is right for your bubble tea shop. If you are looking for a platform to store and share information with your customers, a blog could be a great option for you. While Instagram is a great place for sharing content and growing your following, it is a transient place where content is seen once and then forgotten. Blogs are a more permanent source of information that your customers can continually refer back to.

The other consideration to make is whether you have the resources to invest in a boba blog. Blogs can take a significant amount of time and effort to maintain. While the benefits of a blog are well known, the continual effort that a blog requires to generate engagement and content should not be underestimated.

If you are interested in starting your own blog, read on to find out more.

Boba Shop Blog – What should I say?

Once you've made the decision to start a blog you need to decide what you will be sharing. From informative information about your shop and the sales and promotions you are running, to how-to guides and opinion pieces your content should be relevant and engaging for your customers.

Informative information

As a boba shop owner you are an expert. And there are lots of people just getting in to bubble tea interested to learn more. From the history of boba to its current growth in the UK, sharing informative content with your customers will help you become a trusted source of information. Building credibility in your community is a great way to build a reputation. And, in the competitive world of bubble tea, a great way to build brand recognition.

Product information

Boba is your business. But in the world of bubble tea there are endless flavour combinations. And letting people know what you serve and where is a great way to carve out your niche. You can also use your blog to share promotions, offers, and new products (such as seasonal menus) with your customers.

Thought pieces

As a boba shop owner you are passionate about what you do. And your boba blog is a great place to share your passion with the wider industry. Thought pieces are also a great way of engaging with your customers and linking your blog to other platforms, such as Instagram.

Contact us

Find out how Taipec can become your UK bubble tea supplier and explore our trade customers page and contact us today. Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to help with every step of the way.


Look no further for your guide to the best bubble tea snack pairings.

Whether you're in the mood for a fruity popping boba or a milky classic, we have your snacks covered. Here are 3 more great bubble tea snack pairings to go with your instagrammable boba.

Bubble Tea Snack Pairings

1 – Fries & Wedges

Top of our list has to be french fries and potato wedges. Lightly seasoned and fried to perfection, these tasty treats are the perfect snacking food to share with friends while sipping on a boba. Potato based snacks complement a milky boba well and for an adventurous taste why not try dipping your fries in a creamy boba topping? You might be surprised just how good it tastes! Why not expand your horizons and try some bubble tea snack pairings today.

2 – Chicken Wings

If you're looking for something that's a little more substantial then you can't beat a side of chicken wings. Fried or BBQ'd these tasty treats are perfect for sharing with friends or tucking in to on your own. Just like a side of fries, they go great with a creamy or milky bubble tea, and just as well with a fruity popping boba.

3 – Tofu Bites

If you're going vegan or you just love a tofu treat then good news! Tofu bites are a great combination with any bubble tea. Tofu is easy to make and great for sharing with friends. Plus, you can easily spice or season your tofu to your own delight, making it the perfect partner for your favourite bubble tea.

What's your favourite bubble tea pairing?

Are you a fan of the sweet treats or savoury complements when sipping on a bubble tea? Whatever your preferences, Taipec is here to supply you with the best of boba. From equipment and ingredients to training and support, we are your trusted partner making your boba dreams come to life.


Bubble tea is an intoxicating mix of colours and flavours. Eye-catching and mouth-watering in its appeal, what does bubble tea taste of?

When strolling down the high street of any UK city you will almost certainly pass groups of people sipping on brightly coloured bubble tea. Although growing fast in the UK there are many people who have yet to try boba. And they must be wondering, what does bubble tea taste of?

What does bubble tea taste of?

The simple answer to this question is: whatever you like! The range of flavours, toppings, and combinations available is limitless. From fruity popping boba to milky pearl teas, there is something for everyone.

Traditional Boba

Traditional boba is made using milky tea with chewy tapioca pearls. This is the original bubble tea creation that sparked the trend that is now a global phenomenon. Though there is still debate as to which Taiwanese tea house first mixed the delicious tapioca pearls with tea, we are grateful to whoever it was! traditional boba is an enduring favourite all over the world.

The taste of traditional boba is a finely balanced milky tea with sweetener added to the drinker's delight. The tasty twist comes in the form of the chewy tapioca pearls which make boba absolutely unique. The pearls are dipped in honey or brown sugar syrup which gives them a slight sweetness that complements the milky tea.

Popping Boba

Popping boba is the wacky side of bubble tea. Available in any colour and taste you can dream of these fruity teas are much sweeter than their traditional counterparts. Popping boba replaces the traditional tapioca peals and provides another hit of flavour. When bitten into they release their juicy flavours in to your mouth, providing an exciting twist to your boba experience.

We ask: Is it time for you to join the boba action? Why sell bubble tea?

Why sell boba tea is a question you must have asked yourself before. Seeing boba shops popping up all across the UK, seemingly on every high street. And with the bubble tea market set to grow continuously over the next decade, now is a great time to get into business. But other than growing interest, why sell bubble tea?

Why Sell Bubble Tea?

It’s easy

If you’re looking to add bubble tea to broaden your current drinks selection, the reward is going to be well worth the effort. The ingredients are basic and inexpensive and sourcing these products in bulk from a reputable supplier like Taipec has never been easier. We cover all of your needs, from tea, tapioca, and toppings to training and business support, we are your trusted partner.

We recommend you check out our guides on how to get your bubble tea shop started:

It’s healthy

The health benefits of bubble tea are one of the reasons behind its surge in popularity. You can tailor the taste and contents of this hugely customisable drink and when compared to other beverages, bubble tea can be a healthier and happier alternative.

Having a wide list of colourful, fruity options is bound to attract health-conscious customers and grow your business. 

You’ll attract cool customers

Bubble tea is most popular amongst young and open-minded people that are willing to try something new. Universities are opening up boba shops on campus and boba societies are forming on campus. This reflects the millennial love of boba and the opportunity opening a boba shop provides.

Whether creating a cool new customer base or broadening your existing one, selling boba is the way to go. The great people we get to meet is one of the best answers to the question “why sell boba tea?”!

You’ll make money… lots of it!

And finally, the most important reason (from a business perspective at least) is that bubble tea will bring you financial success. With simple ingredients and the need for just two or three employees to run a busy bubble tea store, your outgoings will be minimal and your margins healthy.

The last 5 years have seen a 35% growth in the boba market and this is set to rise to 50% over the same upcoming time period, so it’s the perfect time to start selling!

Ready To Start Selling Boba?

Convinced? Check out our top essentials for the perfect bubble tea shop and contact us today. As the UK's leading bubble tea supplier we are here to help you every step of the way.

With bubble tea shops opening all over the UK we take a look at what lessons boba shops can learn from successful cafés.

The UK is an exciting and growing market for bubble tea and there are bubble tea shops opening up and down the land. From big cities to smaller villages, bubble tea is the trend that is taking over. But with the opening of every new bubble tea venture there are potential problems and pitfalls. From staff and equipment to accounting and regulations, there is so much to get right. So, we are going to explore what lessons boba shops can learn from successful cafés.

Lessons Boba Shops Can Learn From Successful Cafés

As a new and up-and-coming boba business you are going to want to ensure that you grown fast but build sustainably. Starting a new bubble tea business can be daunting and we have posted a number of guides and helpful hints to help you on your way:

With boba being such a new phenomena in the UK we are turning to the well established world of coffee shops and cafes to see what lessons we can learn.

1 – Create somewhere you would like to visit

Remember that fundamentally you are building a place that people will visit. Whether they are just nipping in for a takeaway boba or they are sitting in to enjoy a bubble tea with friends, your boba shop is a place to visit. So, it follows that you should make your bubble tea shop a place that you would like to visit too. From the lighting and decoration to the ergonomics and staff, make sure you are providing a pleasant dining experience.

2 – Stay away from trends

Trends come and go, your business shouldn't. Ensuring you build a solid base of reliable customers who value you and your offering will be the foundation to your success. This is not to say that diversifying your offering as you grow is a bad thing, far from it! But you should avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket and investing in an over-hyped sector of the market that will quickly be replaced by something else. Make sure to always supply your customers with their old favourites, otherwise they might start going somewhere else! This is one of the best lessons boba shops can learn from successful cafés.

3 – Do a few things well

If you are catering to everybody, you are catering to nobody. Know your target market and how to entice them in. Learn what they like and provide it while introducing new and seasonal items to your menu to keep things fresh. You do not have to do everything (after all a pizzeria doesn't do fish and chips!) but executing your core offerings well will be key to your success.

4 – Quality is king

This one speaks for itself. Making sure you are consistently providing the highest quality products to your customers will ensure they keep coming back.

5 – Suppliers are key

And on the topic of quality, having the right supplier is key. Your supplier is your link to the highest quality products and as we know, quality is king. Your supplier is you trusted partner in everything you do and a good supplier will only make you better!

Interested in starting your own boba journey?

Get in touch with Taipec today to discuss how we can help you build your bubble tea dreams. From equipment and supplies to training and business development, we are here for you every step of the journey.

The creative and colourful Boba tea creations flooding social media are great inspiration for your own creations.

Five more Bubble tea Instagram hashtags to follow.

1 – #Boba

Boba or Bubble Tea? There are infinite variations and combinations of bubble tea and despite the different names, boba and bubble tea mean the same thing. With nearly three million posts on Instagram this hashtag shows some of the most creative boba creations from around the world (and some decidedly less appealing images of Boba Fett!)

2 – #BobaTea

With over 1 million posts this is another must-have hashtag (with far fewer images of a certain star wars character…). Showing creative boba combinations from around the world these posts will give you some great ideas for your own Boba creations.

3 – #BobaLife

It is no secret that Boba tea has taken the world by storm and boba tea had gained almost cult status in some millennial populations. Following #BobaLife will give you the inside track on the latest developments in the world of boba tea.

4 – #BobaAddict

The cult status of bubble tea has led to the growth of the #BobaAddict hashtag with over 150 thousand posts on Instagram. We highly recommend following #BobaAddict.

5 – #BobaTime

Rounding out our list of five more bubble tea Instagram hashtags is #BobaTime which features nearly 250 thousand posts of some of the most salivating boba tea creations out there. If you are looking for inspiration you can look no further than this.

This completes our list of five more bubble tea Instagram hashtags to follow as a boba tea enthusiast or shop owner. For five more hashtags to follow see our previous post.

Bubble tea offers endless opportunities for customisation and creativity that results in some truly wild creations. For a glimpse in to the world of bubble tea creations see our post on the Top 5 Bubble Tea Instagram Hashtags to follow. But with all this popularity comes an issue.

Are bubble tea cups recyclable?

The issue of recyclability is very much in vogue at the moment and conversations around the waste generated from fast food and takeaways is a big issue. Take a walk down any inner-city high street and the public bins are likely overflowing with McDonald's boxes and Starbucks cups. The issue of recyclability and waste is prescient for every industry and bubble tea is no different. So the recyclability of bubble tea cups is something we have to explore. Are bubble tea cups recyclable?


One advantage the bubble tea industry has is standardisation. Walk in to any bubble tea shop in the UK and you will find very similar cups. Standard sizes of 90mm diameter or 95mm diameter and in a standard volume of 500ml (regular) or 700ml (large) mean that what works for one should work for all.

Plastic Cups

The plastic cups and lids synonymous with bubble tea are generally made from Polypropylene (PP) which is recycled throughout the UK and can be recycled by most local councils from kerbside pickup (check with your local council to be sure). This common plastic is used throughout the service industry and the plastic straws and cup lids are generally made from the same plastic.

PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) is an alternative plastic that some cups are made from. These cups are slightly more difficult to deal with when it comes to sealing lids. However, PETG is also recyclable.

Whether you are a customer or shop owner, knowing that your cups are recyclable is a must.

Walking down any high street in the UK you will likely pass someone drinking a fun, funky-looking drink. With bright colours, eye-catching toppings, and oversized straws Bubble Tea is the drink that has rapidly taken over the world.

Is it Vegan?

Whether or not your favourite treat is vegan can have a huge impact on your day. As an ethical consumer, it can be a veritable minefield to ensure you are maintaining your dietary choices. The good news is, it's easy to make sure your bubble tea is vegan. And if you run a bubble tea shop we highly recommend you promote a range of vegan options!

Bubble tea has three main ingredients to consider and we will discuss each here, and how to know your vegan options.

1 – Boba Pearls

The bubble tea (or ‘Boba') is instantly recognisable by its distinctive boba pearls that add a tasty twist to this fun drink. Although they look distinctly gelatinous, like many sweats made from non-vegan products, you can rest easy knowing that boba pearls are actually made from the tapioca starch of the cassava root. This means that boba pearls can generally be relied on to be vegan.

2 – Milk

As with most teas bubble tea contains milk. It is actually the milk that gives bubble tea its name. When the tea, milk, and Tapioca balls are shaken together to get that distinctive mix bubbles rise to the top. Obviously milk is non-vegan… But fear not! Not only are there a plethora of vegan milk alternatives on the market, but adding oat milk to your bubble tea actually makes for an interesting and tasty twist. Vegan milk alternatives are a must for all bubble tea shops!

3 – Creamer and Toppings

The variety of creamers and toppings that are available in any bubble tea shop are numerous and vegan options are available. We recommend that you check with your server to make sure your toppings are vegan. And if you run a bubble tea shop – make sure you keep your vegan options stocked! Almost 50% of UK citizens are considering reducing their animal product intake in the future.

So there you have it. Bubble tea is a great treat and a wildly popular drink that can easily be made using vegan ingredients. If you are looking to stock your shop, see our product range.


One of the key things to decide when setting up a bubble tea shop is how many members of staff you will need.

The number of employees will be determined by many factors, such as:

  • the size of your operation
  • regular hours vs. peak hours
  • employees taking breaks
  • how many shifts you plan to run
  • cover for sickness or other unplanned reasons

Typically, during regular hours with steady customer flow, the shop can be managed with two on-site personnel. Often, in this case, one employee will be taking orders while the other making the order at the same time. However, both employees should be able to carry out all tasks necessary for operation. This will allow the employees to cover for each other when taking breaks in turn. Of course, during busy hours, you might need to add an extra staff member or two.

The ideal employee should be able to work independently when working alone in the shop, and able to carry out the below tasks:

  • Preparing different bubble tea components before shop opening
  • Taking orders and payments
  • Making and delivering drink orders
  • Checking and placing stock orders
  • Cleaning and closing down the shop


Starting out a business is scary, and the pitfalls are endless. But with the right amount of planning you can limit your risks, and help identify the processes you need to go through to maximise your chances of success.

With the experience of so many shops who have provided us feedback on what worked for them and what didn't, we tried to boil down the top things you need to tightly control.

Prepare a solid business plan

Identify all the risks and hazards you believe you may encounter, regardless of how unlikely or insignificant they may seem. You can filter these out later.

But thinking through the processes, understanding where your cashflow will come from and what your forecasted expenses may be will probably give you a greater sense of the volume of business required, and hence identify your key performance indicators.

Choose the right location

Making sure your shop is in the right spot is so important for a food and catering business. Pick places with high amounts of pedestrian traffic, such as shopping malls, shopping streets, near schools or metro stations. This way you can maximise the amount of people who pass by your store front.

Financial Planning

We mentioned cashflow in the previous point, but how much capital will your require to get off the ground? How will you fund the business until it can break even, then move into profit?

You will then need to identify whether the money you inject into your business will be in the form of equity or liability. Make sure you know the entire financial structure prior to any large financial commitments!

Consistency in your products

Of course, in a bubble tea shop one of your flagship products will be a serving of bubble tea, and the pictures that you present will generate an expectation in your customers' minds.

Then you will need to deliver the same product all day, everyday. Make sure your staff are trained to cook things to perfection and to minimise variation between batches.

Drinks must look and taste fantastic

Why do people buy bubble tea? Because they like the taste, or perhaps they were intrigued by the pictures they saw. You may only have one chance to wow a customer, so make sure your products can impress anyone.

Have you ever ordered something like a hamburger from a menu, only for it to appear totally different or sloppy on your plate? It is a similar principle here. Make sure the amount of tea, boba balls, milk. etc. are all as you display on your promotional material.

Buy only the highest quality products

Here at Taipec we have a careful selection procedure to ensure only the best products are supplied to you. We have very strict criteria on quality as well as health and safety.

Ensuring you buy from only the most reputable sources, and through a company that has your best interests at heart.

Not Marketing

Who is going to purchase your newly added bubble tea drinks if no one knows that it's being offered? Who is going to purchase Bubble Tea when no one knows what it tastes like? Good marketing does not mean that you have to spend a fortune.

How to address this? You can go as simply putting up a poster in your window at customer eye level to engage the attention of people who are simply passing by. Another inexpensive way to market is through sampling. When your drinks are perfected and you are ready to start selling, have some samples out for people to try.

Poor management system in place

Poor management leads to the neglect and eventually death – of the business. It is important to watch over your employees to make sure they are not giving away free products or wasting products. Both of these things will cut into your profit and lead to a decline.

How to address this? A good manager will also be a great leader who will create a culture that motivates people around them. Train people who will oversee your business for you.