Bubble Tea Franchise – 5 Reasons To Buy In

When looking to start a boba shop there are two options: buy in to a franchise or go independent.

Bubble tea is a hot market in the UK and the growth in demand looks set to continue over the next decade. This makes opening a bubble tea shop an attractive proposition for many boba fans. But whether to buy in to a franchise or go independent is a big question. So, in this post we outline the benefits of going with a bubble tea franchise.

5 reasons to buy in to a bubble tea franchise

1 – An established brand

The number one benefit of buying in to a bubble tea franchise is the fact that you will be buying in to an established brand. The pull of a strong brand will give you a head start when building your customer base and you will benefit from brand recognition when people travel to your area.

2 – A predetermined path

Starting a business can be scary. There are so many variables to take care of and seemingly so many things that can go wrong. As part of a franchise you will have support to develop your business along a predetermined path.

3 – Supplier deals taken care of

As part of a franchise you will have your bubble tea supplier deals taken care of. These deals will be struck by your franchise provider and you will likely benefit from the volume discounts given to a large franchise provider. This discount will be one of the biggest benefits of being part of a bubble tea franchise.

4 – Help to grow

As well as helping you to get up and running with your boba dreams, a franchise partner will help you to grow. While you may be new to the boba tea game; your franchise provider will be veterans and will be on hand to help you grow and develop your business.

5 – The potential for more shops

And the final benefit, you have a ready-made partner for more boba shops. If you are looking to grow fast and build your boba empire then the ability of a franchise partner to help you open more than one shop in quick succession will be key to your success.