Bubble Tea in Manchester

Bubble Tea in Manchester

Manchester is the centre of the northern powerhouse and a city teaming with art, culture, and good times. Although Manchester trailed behind London in the growth of its bubble tea industry, it has more than caught up. Manchester is full of vibrant areas and there is a bubble tea for everyone to be found in this bustling metropolis. Next up in our bubble tea cities series, let's take a look at bubble tea in Manchester.

Like London, there is barely a high street in Manchester that you won't find a boba tea shop on. Taking a tour through the city we find bustling boba hot-spots in the trendy Deansgate locks, the funky northern quarter, Chinatown, and the city's 5 large universities. Manchester is an exceptional city and the northern centre of the UK's bubble tea industry. Boasting a student population of over 100,000 and a general population of over 2.5 million the city's bubble tea industry is geared towards providing every type of bubble tea imaginable.

A tour of bubble tea in Manchester

Taipec is the UK's largest bubble tea supplier. And that means we know a thing or two about boba! From teas and pearls to fructose machines and cup-sealing machines, Taipec is your go to bubble tea supplier. And in our travels we have had the pleasure of sampling some of Manchester's best teas. So, let's take a tour.

1 – Deansgate

Deansgate is the sprawling area in the west of the city clustered around the Deansgate road. Famous for its nightlife, bars, and cafes, it was the natural place for bubble tea enterprises to open. Offering a different type of refreshment and a relaxing place to meet, this is the first place you should stop on a northern boba tour. When choosing a boba make sure you take in the full range options. Deansgate has a plethora of places to try and we recommend them all!

2 – The Northern Quarter

The northern quarter is the bohemian district in the north of the city that is home to some of the trendiest spots. After Deansgate it is the next best spot to pick up a boba in the city. There are over a dozen boba shops in the kilometre square area of the northern quarter, and in-keeping with the alternative vibe of the area, this is where you will find some of the wildest bobas in town.

3 – The Universities

Next up on our list is something a little bit different. Manchester is the second largest university city in the UK and boasts over 100,000 students, many of whom are international. Boba is a favourite of university students and with such a sizable student population it is no surprise that bubble tea has exploded in popularity. Spread throughout the city are 5 large universities and around each one is a cluster of boba shops catering to the student population. Looking for an adventurous boba, check out these university areas. You won't be disappointed!

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