How to Know your Bubble Tea Supplier is Reputable

How to know your Bubble Tea supplier is reputable? The most important question a sustainable Boba shop has to answer.

As a bubble tea shop owner you have lots of decisions to make. From teas and powders to jellies and boba pearls there is no end to the stock you need to purchase. And as the boba market explodes you need to know you are buying your supplies from a reputable supplier. How to know your bubble tea supplier is reputable will give you an overview of what to look out for and how to avoid getting caught out.

What To Look Out For

Bubble tea is a fast-growing industry and to ensure your shop grows you need a partner you can trust. As your supplier will likely supply all of your bubble tea needs – from cups and straws to syrups and pearls – making sure you pick the right one is key. As making the wrong decision could be disastrous for your brand and reputation.

When choosing a supplier there are a number of things to look out for:

  • They are VAT registered.
  • You can find the names of Directors.
  • You can find the registered company address.
  • They have a robust set returns policy
  • They have a long history of supplying the industry

At Taipec we take pride in our work and have been supplying the UK with the best of Taiwanese cuisine for decades. We are passionate about sharing with you the best and tastiest of flavours from Taiwan. As part of this commitment, we want to help you know what to look out for when choosing your supplier.

How to Know your Bubble Tea Supplier is Reputable

A simple search for ‘Bubble Tea Suppliers' (or ‘Pearl Tea Suppliers', ‘Boba Tea Suppliers' etc) yields millions of results. Even narrowing the search down to ‘Bubble Tea Supplies UK' gives a dizzying array of results. So it's no wonder bubble tea shop owners are asking ‘How to know your bubble tea supplier is reputable?'. So at Taipec we thought we'd let you know what to look out for and why these things are important.

VAT Registration, Company Directors, and a Company Address

These are three important checks that can be done very quickly and easily through .gov websites and is important as it gives you confidence that you are dealing with a real legitimate business. Too often we see suppliers on the web with no tangible legitimate business presence – avoid these disreputable suppliers at all costs!

A robust returns policy

While this may not even occur to you, it is an important consideration. The volume of stock you are purchasing will mean that at some point you may have to return some or all of an order. Knowing that you can trust your supplier to honour their returns agreement in a no-hassle fashion will put your mind at ease and let you get on with your job – running your bubble tea shop. You can see our returns policy here.

A long history of supplying the industry

This is probably the most important consideration to make. Knowing that your supplier has been in business for years will put you at ease knowing that the quality and reliability of your products is unparalleled. In the competitive bubble tea supply business longevity is the greatest endorsement of a supplier.

When looking for a supplier you are fundamentally looking for integrity, transparency, and a demonstrated track record of success. Do you want to work with the most reputable bubble tea supplier in the UK? Contact us today or sign up for a trade account online. And browse our online shop to check out our products.