How To Motivate Boba Shop Staff

How To Motivate Boba Shop Staff

In a bubble tea shop there are typically a small number of well-trained staff that ensure the smooth running of the operation. The number of employees depends on the size of your shop (see our handy guide) but will generally be less than 5. This means that when running a boba shop you will likely have a small team of people to motivate and manage. And, with the knowledge that your staff are central to your success, you may be wondering how to motivate your boba shop staff.

Motivating a bubble tea shop's staff is much like motivating any team. Central to motivation is the importance of defining the company culture and goals. In short, what are you all about? What makes your boba shop unique? And, what makes working at your boba shop unique? These are the fundamental questions that you must answer.

Motivating boba shop staff

With an independent boba shop your employees will likely share your passion for bubble tea. And it is on this passion that your motivation should build. You are all there to build a place to share great bubble tea with your customers. At this point we can depart from the macro-scale motivation of staff and start focusing on motivation of independent employees.

Communication is key

It is important to remember that in building all relationships communication is key. Communication will allow you to understand your employees and more importantly understand what motivates them. Remember, while some people are motivated by intrinsic factors and other by extrinsic. Understanding your staff and communicating this understanding will allow you to tailor your motivation individually. You should not underestimate how powerful this will be.


A large part of motivation is the knowledge that your employer values you. This understanding can be built through communication but must be reinforced through flexibility. The last two years of covid-19 affected working have taught us all to be flexible and remembering this when dealing with your employees is key. Life happens, and building flexibility in to your scheduling and work culture will foster a sense of mutual respect and understanding with your employees.


Finances, unfortunately, cannot be ignored. While finances alone will not sustainably motivate your employees, the absence of financial motivation will negate any understanding and communication you have built with your employees. Paying your staff a fair wage (such as the living wage) may look like a higher cost but in the long-run is an excellent investment. Fairly paid staff are less likely to leave and more likely to be engaged and passionate at work.

Finances doesn't just cover pay however. What you invest in the training and development of your staff will also have an impact on the motivation of your staff. Better trained staff will make better, and more profitable employees. Contact us for all your boba shop needs.