Bubble Tea Shop Marketing – Another 5 Top Tips

Marketing your bubble tea shop will be one of the most important things you do as a Boba shop owner.

We have previously covered how to get started and grow your online presence. Today we are going to explore another 5 tips to maximise your marketing efforts and build a sustainable business. How to make the most of your bubble tea shop marketing.

5 More Bubble Tea Shop Marketing Tips

1 – Have your own rewards scheme

Making sure people keep coming back to your boba shop is a key aim of your marketing effort. Ensuring repeating revenue from loyal customers via a rewards scheme is a great way to develop a loyal fan base and keep people coming back for more. Setting up a loyalty scheme is simple and will be covered in a future Taipec blog post.

2 – Showcase your staff

Your staff are the heart of your bubble tea shop operation. They are often working in small teams and fulfilling orders for huge numbers of customers. Staff training is essential but keeping your staff happy is just as important! One way you can do this is by showcasing your staff on your social media pages and website. Showing your customers how important your staff are is a welcome change from the impersonal business age of Zoom calls and Teams meetings!

3 – Partner with suppliers

Your suppliers will be your most important partners in running your bubble tea shop. They are the people making sure your staff training is up-to-date and your products are of the highest quality. Engage with your suppliers to put on seasonal menus, introduce new products, and expand your offering.

4 – Make-your-own Boba events

The infinite flavour combinations that bubble tea offers and the inherently social nature of bubble tea makes the idea of private ‘make your own' boba events hosted at your bubble tea shop an attractive possibility – think Build-a-Bear workshops for bubble tea!

5 – Consistency is key in bubble tea shop marketing

Consistency is key. Rome wasn't built in a day and you shouldn't expect marketing to work overnight. Keeping a regular schedule for updating your website and social media, engaging your customers, and maintaining your brand identity over time will build your reputation and grow your business.