Bubble Tea in Liverpool

Bubble Tea in Liverpool

Liverpool has experienced a renaissance in recent years and was recently named European City of Culture. From the bustling city centre to the recently refurbished Albert Docks and from the Knowledge Quarter to the narrow streets of Bootle, there are boba shops popping up all over Liverpool. Let's take a tour of bubble tea in Liverpool.

As the largest bubble tea supplier in the UK we at Taipec travel a lot. And we have sampled boba up and down the land. Liverpool is the next city on our bubble tea city tour, let's take a look around. From London to Manchester we have seen two sides of the UK's boba industry. In London we saw the grassroots movement that built the UK's bubble tea reputation, and in Manchester we saw the up-and-coming big city boba boom.

The bubble tea tour of Liverpool

Liverpool is in many ways similar to Manchester. They are both bustling northern cities with populations around 2 million people. Both are cosmopolitan cities with diverse populations and big universities. So, let's get on with the tour.

1 – The city centre

It would be remiss to start anywhere other than the city centre in any big city. The beating heart of Liverpool, famous for the Beatles, Liverpool Cathedral, and the bustling markets of Hanover Street are the perfect place to pick up a boba. As a former dock city Liverpool is famous for its imports and the city has been shaped by people and flavours from all over the world. And bubble tea is one such import. With a trickle of boba shops opening around ten years ago, there have been dozens of new entrants to the market in the last few years.

2 – Albert Docks

Second to the city centre, Albert Docks are as synonymous with Liverpool as the Yellow Submarine and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club. Having seen significant investment in recent years the docks are now the place to be. Because of this, it's also the place to get bubble tea. If you find yourself around the docks and fancy a boba, take your pick and take a stroll.

3 – Knowledge Quarter

One of the beautiful things about boba is the way it brings people together. There's a boba for everyone and in places like the knowledge quarter boba shops are places to meet. Nestled between the city centre and the docks the knowledge quarter is the perfect place to meet over a boba.

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