Boba Tea Supplies UK

Taipec are the largest provider of boba tea supplies in the UK. We are proud to use our expertise to supply the best of Taiwanese food and drink to the UK market.

Bubble tea is exploding in popularity and the market for UK boba tea supplies is fierce with competition. Here at Taipec we pride ourselves on being the largest and most experienced boba tea suppliers in the UK. Our 40,000sqft UK warehouse supplies thousands of customers all over the UK with everything needed for your bubble tea enterprise to thrive.

Boba Tea Supplies UK

When starting or growing a bubble tea enterprise it can feel as though there an infinite number of things your boba shop needs. Cups, straws, ladels, popping boba, creamer… the list goes on and on. And in the competitive world of bubble tea everything you serve has to be of the highest quality. Taipec exists to service your every bubble tea need. From consumables to equipment, we have you covered.

Boba Tea Supplies – What you need

We have previously written about the importance of quality and how important your supplier is in building a successful boba business. Our mission at Taipec is to provide you with everything you need to thrive.

We offer the complete range of bubble tea supplies to the UK, including:

Tea leaves

Tea leaves are central to any bubble tea business. After all, it's in the name! Cost and quality are the bywords for Taipec's tea selection. With a dedicated team in Taiwan searching for a range of high-quality teas and regular large shipments providing cost savings we pass on to our customers; Taipec is a reliable and experienced supplier of this key tea ingredient.


From matcha to cantaloupe, Taipec stocks a wide range of both 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 powders to satisfy every customer. Flavoured powders are an excellent way to introduce your customers to new and exciting boba flavours. And have you tried creamy foam? Check out this latest boba trend today.

Syrups & Jams

It's no secret that boba fans love a sweet treat. And with Taipec's range of syrups and jams your customers will not be disappointed. Great in both hot and cold drinks, as well as a wide range of desserts and sweet treats outside of bubble tea; our selection is sure to delight your customers.

Tapioca Pearls & Toppings

Synonymous with boba and recognisable all over the world, it is the tapioca pearls and toppings that really make boba, boba. We stock a selection of these old favourites, including traditional tapioca pearls, as well as new favourites such as  Aloe vera in syrup.


Adding jellies to your tea is just one more way to inject a burst of flavour to your boba. From apple and mango to pineapple and coconut; these jellies are a perfect addition to any boba. But, they're not just for bubble tea. Flavoured jellies are a great addition to any sweet treat, dessert, or drink. Just imagine the possibilities!

Popping Boba

Popping boba is probably our favourite part of bubble tea. Fun, fresh, exciting, and bursting with flavour; popping boba is a worldwide favourite. Recognising the universal appeal of a fruity twist to your bubble tea, Taipec stocks a wide range of popping bobas.

But why stop there? Popping bobas are the perfect addition to cocktails and desserts to provide a new twist on an old favourite. Imagine, a popping apple margarita or popping boba in eton mess. Let your imagination run wild!


It's no secret that consumables are central to the operation of a boba shop. From cups and lids to shakers and bags; a boba shop needs to be fully stocked.

Equipment & Tools

To complement our offering of bubble tea ingredients and consumables, we supply a range of equipment and tools to help you build the best boba shop you can. We are passionate about bubble tea and want to help you share the joys of boba with your customers.

Put simply, for all of your UK bubble tea supplies, Taipec is an unrivalled partner for your business.

Our Team

The key to Taipec is the team. We are proudly UK based and maintain a strong network within Taiwan who search high and low for the best Taiwanese food and drink goods to bring to your doors and stores. With decades of experience in logistics and an established reputation as the number 1 UK bubble tea supplier, our team is here to serve you.

Contact us

If you are interested in finding out how Taipec can become your UK bubble tea supplier, explore our trade customers page and contact us today. Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to help with every step of the way.