Can You Drink Bubble Tea The Next Day?

We all love bubble tea. But sometimes we over-order and find ourselves with leftover boba.  As someone new to boba you may be wondering whether you can save boba for the next day. So, can you drink bubble tea the next day?

Can You Drink Bubble Tea The Next Day?

The short answer is yes, usually. Bubble tea can be consumed the next day as long as it has been refrigerated and is within the next 24 hours. As ever though, with food and drink it is important to use discretion and common sense! There are some tips to help prolong the life of bubble tea.

Drinking bubble tea the next day

Although bubble tea is always best enjoyed fresh, knowing that boba can be enjoyed the next day is always good. Here are three tips to keep your bubble tea fresh for consumption the next day.

1 – Refrigerate

This goes without saying. If you would like to enjoy your bubble tea the next day then putting it in the fridge is a must. Boba left out overnight shouldn't be consumed!

2 – Go vegan

Vegan bubble tea does not contain any dairy products and so tend to last longer and stay fresher when left in the fridge overnight. There are some excellent vegan bubble teas out there. And vegan boba even has some health benefits. So, if you're trying to enjoy a more healthy boba, this may be an option to try.

3 – Jelly toppings

We get it. Tapioca pearls are a classic and we all love them. But they do degrade over time, and although this is only a taste issue, jelly toppings stand the test of time better than tapioca pearls. So, if you are planning to save some boba for the next day, choose jelly over boba.

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