Common Bubble Tea Questions Answered

Ever wondered where bubble tea came from? Or when the trend exploded in the UK? We're here to answer your top 10 bubble tea questions.

Bubble tea has exploded in popularity in the UK over the last few years and global trends indicate that this is set to continue. With a growing fan base in the UK, we are here to answer the top 10 most common bubble tea questions.

Top 10 bubble tea questions

1 – Where does boba come from?

Bubble tea originates from Taipei, Taiwan, and was invented when a tea shop owner mixed tapioca pearls with milky tea. And just like that, a global phenomenon was born. Today, bubble tea is available all over the world and bubble tea is growing increasingly popular throughout the UK too.

2 – What's the difference between bubble tea and boba?

There are many names used for bubble tea. Boba. Milk tea. Pearl tea, the list is almost endless and can be confusing. But essentially they are all the same. Inspired by the same original recipe, boba is an umbrella term that covers all types of bubble tea. Although, milky teas are generally referred to as bubble tea and fruity teas are often referred to as boba.

3 – How is bubble tea made?

Bubble tea is made simply by mixing tea, milk or creamer, pearls, and sweetener. Fruity teas are generally made using 2-in-1 mixes to create an endless array of flavours.

4 – What's the difference between fruit tea and milk tea?

Milk tea is the traditional tea base for bubble tea that has been used for the past four decades. Fruity teas on the other hand are infused with fruit juices or sweetener to give them a very different taste, often complemented with popping boba.

5 – What are those black balls in boba tea?

The traditional pearls synonymous with bubble tea are tapioca pearls, made from the cassava root. These black pearls are actually clear naturally but are darkened by the addition of brown sugar syrup or honey.

6 – What is popping boba?

Popping boba is the modern take on bubble tea pearls. Formed of a thin film filled with fruity juices, popping boba is a favourite topping with fruity teas.

7 – Is bubble tea available for delivery?


8 – What does it taste like?

Bubble tea is available for delivery on most major delivery apps around the UK. Because of this, if there's a boba shop in your area it's likely that you can get bubble tea delivered.

9 – Where can you get bubble tea?

Bubble tea is available in just about every corner of the world. From south-east Asia it has spread to every continent and it started to grow in popularity in the UK around 10 years ago. From there its popularity exploded and has been on an upwards trajectory ever since.

10 – How to start a bubble tea business?

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