Taipec – Your UK Bubble Tea Supplier

Taipec – Your UK Bubble Tea Supplier

Here at Taipec we pride ourselves on being the biggest and most experienced UK bubble tea supplier. Supplying customers with the highest quality products for nearly 15 years, we are your partner in the bubble tea business.

The popularity of bubble tea has exploded in the UK in recent years and Taipec have been at the forefront of that development. For nearly 15 years we have been supplying the UK with the finest Taiwanese food and drink. When it comes to bubble tea, Taipec's quality of service and produce is second to none. For every aspect of your boba business, Taipec is your number 1 UK bubble tea supplier.

From small, independent boba shops to large chains and wholesalers Taipec is here to help your business grow. We offer the full range of boba supplies, from cups and straws to popping boba and creamer. Check out a summary of our range below and see our online shop for our full range. Taipec is a proudly UK based bubble tea supplier and maintains an extensive network of contacts in Taiwan, the home of bubble tea, who seek out the finest products for our customers. Taipec: UK based, Taiwan inspired.

UK Bubble Tea Supplies – Our Product Lines

Toppings & Tapioca Balls

Toppings are what make boba, boba. From the flavourful popping boba to the traditional tapioca pearls, these toppings make boba unique. Taipec boasts a wide selection of toppings for every boba preference. Whether you prefer a classic milky tea with sweet, syrup infused, tapioca pearls or a vibrant fruity popping boba, we have you covered.

Consumables & Equipment

A bubble tea shop goes through a lot of consumables. From labels and cups to straws and lids, there is a no end to the consumable products that you will need. Although it may be tempting to save money on these single-use goods, the quality of your product is what you will ultimately be judged on. Taipec stocks a wide range of consumable products and offers customisation options to give your boba shop that standout look. Contact us today to discuss your consumables needs.

To go with your consumables, Taipec stocks every piece of equipment you need to run a smooth and efficient boba shop. From the standard ladels and jugs to the more advanced cup sealing machines and fructose dispensers, Taipec has what you need.

Tea leaves & Powders

Tea is central to bubble tea. After all, it is in the name. And because of this tea forms the base of any boba. Whether you prefer tea leaves or powders (or any combination of the two!) Taipec has you covered.

Syrups & Jams

Looking to add a fruity twist to your boba? Syrups and jams are added to bubble tea (and a host of other desserts and tasty treats) to infuse your boba with flavours from apple to citron.

Jellies & Popping Boba

No boba would be complete without its choice of topping. And to this end Taipec stocks the finest jellies and popping boba that your customers will just love. Bubble tea is a competitive business and offering your customers the tastiest flavour combinations will be the best way of retaining them and gaining new ones.

Interested in growing you boba business?

Contact us today to find out how Taipec can help grow your bubble tea business. With a passion for bubble tea, we can take your boba business from good to great.