Personalised Polypropylene Boba Cups

Personalised Polypropylene Boba Cups – Perfect for marketing

Polypropylene (pp) cups are used widely across the food and beverage industry. And bubble tea is no different. Every year millions of PP and PETG cups are used for delicious boba and bubble tea. But these generic cups all look the same. Personalising your boba cups is a great way of showcasing your brand. Both to your customers and to everyone who sees them walking down the street holding your logo. Let's explore how personalised polypropylene boba cups can help your business.

At Taipec we stock a range of 500ml and 700ml cups and supply thousands of bubble tea shops all over the country (in fact, we are the number 1 bubble tea supplier in the UK!). And all of these cups come with the option of customisation. Read on to find out how personalised polypropylene (pp) cups can be a marketing asset for your business.

Personalised polypropylene cups – The advantages

There are many advantages to personalised polypropylene boba cups and in this post we will explore them. While reading on, think about how these issues advantages could help your bubble tea shop.

1 – Low cost marketing

Personalising your cups is a very low cost way of mass marketing. While you can rely on some of your customers recommending your bubble tea shop, every person leaving with a custom cup is acting as marketing for your shop. At this point it is important to note that the logo you put on your cup should be clear, bold, and clearly communicate your boba shop brand.

2 – First impressions, last impressions

There is a well known psychological effect called the peak-end rule. The peak-end rule is a cognitive bias that means our memories of events and experiences are weighted heavily by not only the peak of the experience, but also its end. This means that a person's experience of your boba shop will be defined by the peak – likely the ordering experience and those first sips of boba – and the end, the end of their boba. Ensuring that your logo is front and centre of your customer's recollections at both the peak and end will imprint your logo firmly in their memories.

3 – A very simple solution

The final advantage of personalised polypropylene boba cups is that they are a very simple solution! printing your logo on a boba cup could not be easier and once its done, it's done. Unlike a marketing campaign or social media posting schedule, printing your logo on boba cups is something you can do once and then simply enjoy the benefits

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